I went CRAZY at Coach thanks to all of you!!!

  1. After reading about all the great outlet purchases that everyone has made I decided to check out the outlet store by me. They had tons of great stuff. I debated on getting last years patchwork shoulder tote but passed...I think I want THIS YEARS! I ended up with a realy cool black leather belt and a scarf.

    I then went to Nordtrsoms (as everyone has been chatting about their sale) and they had 1 Bleecker Shopper in Signature. I have been waiting for this bag so I grabbed it. I then went to the sale bin and found a whisky Gigi. I have been drooling over this bag for months so I couldn't pass it up.

    I am heading to NY tomorrow and can't wait to check out the new Legacy Boutique. I am sort of spent out but maybe I can get something small like a wristlet, mini skinny, or scarf.

    I can't wait. I will post a full report!
    Coach Bags.jpg Coach Outlet Goodies.jpg
  2. wow great choices.. congrats and have fun with your new purchases:p
  3. wowwwwwwww thats awesome! i cant wait for the legacy boutique either!!
  4. Oh wow!!! Nice haul!!!! I LOVE everything!!!! Congrats and enjoy!
  5. Man great loot!!! :tup:
  6. Lovely congrats!
  7. I love everything you got! I am heading over to my Outlet on Monday
    to see what they have. Congrats on everything!
  8. Love your new goodies!!
  9. What's the Bleecker Shopper like in real life? Does it fit on your shoulder or does it have to be carried like a satchel. I love that bag!
  10. WOW love your new stuff!
  11. Its awsome!. It fts on m shoulder even with a jacket. It has a satin type black lining. Its not as long as I thought. Its a great larger eveday purse...it would not be good solo as a work purse. I tend to carry a computer backpack for work and a purse. My bleecker Shopper currently has a chamelion insert in it (I think its the medium). I have a wallet, 2 pairs of glasses, change purse, very small notebook, cosmetic bag, wristlet, ipod, headphones and cell in main compartment. There is a zippered inside and it has my passport. There is a big flap over pocket that has my keys. There are 2 pockets on back. One is the length of the bag and you can put a plane ticket or a magazine in it. The other is smaller.

    It is awsome....
  12. Thanks for the great information, handbag*girl!!!
  13. Love the Gigi!!! Congrats on the great finds!
  14. Love the Gigi...It's gorgeous:drool:
  15. you got some great things!