I waterproofed a Lambskin bag

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  1. Just in case anyone here is interested, here's the results:

    In the first photo, I splattered some water on the bottom of the bag. You can see the water forming into droplets on it, but doesn't get absorbed by the bag. Sorry, I wasn't brave enough to do this test before waterproofing it. so I have no idea how the water would behave on a non-waterproofed lambskin bag.

    In the second photo, I had tilted the bag and let the water droplets roll off the bag. I wanted to see the "behavior" of the water. :smile: After that I simply wiped the leftover water droplets with a cloth. And the bag looks the same as before. No water damage.

    Oh yes, I used the Collonil Waterstop spray initially. And since I also have the Cadillac Water Seal, I also used it to double waterproof it. It's probably redundant, but I just wanted to try the product. The results I got from just using the Collonil Waterstop spray are the same as using both the Collonil waterstop spray and the Cadillac Water Seal. I didn't see much of a change in texture or color of the bag with the waterproofing I did. Of course my human eye may not be good enough to detect slight changes, if there's any. I took these two photos in the bathroom under the white Flourescent lighting, and very close-up - that's why there's quite a fair bit of light reflection. The bag looks essentially the same before and after the waterproofing to my human eye. I do not know if the results I got would hold for bags of other colors.

    I also did the same to my GST Caviar Black. I'm not sure if it's necessary to waterproof caviar but I did it anyway.

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  2. Awesome!!! Thanks for sharing :smile:
  3. Wow amazing, it really works perfectly!
    Thank you for sharing :smile:
  4. Thank you for the tip :goodpost:
  5. does it also protect against stains?
  6. Thank you so much for this information!!!! Every time I'm in the rain or, most recently, snow I desperately try to hide my purse under my coat! I was afraid to try any products on my lambskin to waterproof it, so thanks for sharing your results. I am going to give it a try!

  7. So brave of you! Thanks so much!
  8. Thank you for sharing! May I ask where did you get the products?
  9. YEAY!!!! Thank you for being so brave and waterproofed you chanel for us and sharing your success!!!! Totally brilliant!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. Thank you sharing. It's good to know.
  11. Awesome! Maybe I'll do that with my lamb jumbo!!
  12. That stuff is awesome!

    They sell it at Mulberry.
  13. I bought the Collonil Waterstop spray on Amazon, and the Cadillac water seal from Footwearetc.com

    If I were to only use one product, I would go for the Collonil Waterstop spray because (1) it's a spray and easy to use, (2) it has UV protection, & (3) I can also spray on the inside of the bag if it's a fabric like the GST.

    I also have the Collonil Nano Complete. It's a foam and you apply it onto the bag with a cloth.

    I would suggest that you check out the Collonil website and watch the videos before making your decision to buy it and it also tells you how and when to use the products.

    I bought the Cadillac Water Seal on a whim when I was buying shoes from footwearetc.com. It's a liquid. It has silicone although it says it allows the leather to breathe. If you are not keen on silicone then you should avoid this product.

  14. The description of the product says: Heavy-duty waterproofing spray. Optimum protection for all smooth leathers, suede and high-tech materials. Achieves optimum water protection and acts against deeply embedded dirt. Prevents the development of snow and water stains.

    On the video here: http://www.collonil.com/en/materials_smoothleather/, she shows how it protects against oil, wine, and dirt mixed with water.
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  15. You are welcome. I'm glad to share my experiment and results. :smile:

    I have only used them on Chanel Black Lambskin and Black Caviar, so I don't know how it would work on other colors. I have also used them on leather bags from other brands with no problems.

    If anyone decides to use these products, please test on a small area first. And please post your experience and results.

    Oh yes, I covered the hardware before spraying.

    Btw, has anyone here used other Collonil products? If yes, please share your experience and thoughts about them. I am wondering about the other products...