i watched dr phil yesterday about monster brides

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  1. and this one chick had a serious spending problem I guess. She said she spent 615 dollars on a lv purse. It looked like a papillon but the straps were oddly wide. I dunno, what do you guys think?
  2. I missed that part of the show. I didn't start watching until the very end of that couple. I really only saw the groom who wanted to be in control of the entire wedding.
  3. i thought it looked fake also. I couldn't put my finger on what looked off.
  4. the square rings were too big and the straps looked really wide. I dont know.
  5. I'd feel really bad for her if it was fake and she spent all that money on it AND she and her husband argued about it.
  6. I missed it..I guess it's papi 26 if she said $600 something..went to Dr. Phil website but couldn't find the pics of the bag.
  7. I saw the show also...I was under the impression she bought it while she was in Las Vegas before her wedding. Spent the money on herself instead of her fiances bachelor party at the strip club.
  8. yeah i was thinking it was a papi 26 but it looked weird
  9. I thought it looked fake too. The straps were too far apart and the handles almost had a red/brown tint to them!? :confused1: Imagine if she spent that money on a FAKE bag! :yucky:
  10. if she spent that much on a fake bag thats sad because the real one costs that much. She might have lied though and just said she spent 615 dollars on it.
  11. If not, maybe she said she bought the purse for $615 when in fact she bought a FAKE and then used the money to buy something else, or gamble for that matter.....guess we will never know!! No, I didn't see it either, just wanted to give my 2 cents!!!
  12. OMG I am SOOOOOO glad that you started this thread!! I saw the episode last night as well and I was like "huh??"

    LOL how mortifying for her if it was a fake...now her 'secret' is out to all of America!! :smile:
  13. well it would say even more if she wasted money like that on a fake

    it's one thing to spend on the bag...but at least know what your getting
    esp b4 you make an utter fool out of yourself on national television
  14. That's what I think. I swear it was fake. She should have at least either bought a real lv or bought a real dooney or coach. I wonder if she thought that no one would be able to tell it was fake??