i wasn't gonna buy anything.....BUT...

  1. my SA told me that this bandana was all sold out and discontinued and it won't come in anymore --- originally i wanted this months ago but she talked me out of it:wtf: and recommended denim bandana instead..... i love her, but she almost always tells me if something ISN'T "me"....

    last weekend, i saw it on display.....she goes, Oh yes, it came in!! she looked on the computer and tells me there are only 7 of them left in the US. if someone tells me that, i just HAD TO have it. :drool: ;) she said this is my last chance to own this and said sorry that she talked me out of it when i was ready to buy last time! :rolleyes: :roflmfao:

    she gave me free 2006 agenda refills.....so she is forgiven! :flowers: :love:

    she told me that they are allowed to give 2006 refills after september....you should all mention that to your SA, you'll get extra mini stickers!! yay!:yahoo:
    DSC04081.JPG DSC04082.JPG DSC04080.JPG
  2. :nuts: Congrats !!! I'm glad you bought it as it's gorgeous!:love:
  3. I think it's adorable :biggrin: The color is really pretty!
  4. Congratulations on a beautiful purchase!!
    Speaking of refills, right now I am using the Cerises inserts for my mini agenda and love them!! Too bad they probably won't be making them again.
  5. Wow, congrats on the perfo bandeau! I wanted that one so bad, but there weren't any left. I got the white MC bandeau instead.

    And yes, that is definitely true about the 2006 agenda refills being free. My SA gave them to me for free too =) (but it was in August, not September)
  6. nice bandana!! congrats on getting one before they all sell out!! and yay for free stuff!!!
  7. So beautiful!! I am glad that you nabbed it:smile:
  8. thank you for the sweet comments everybody!! :flowers: :love: :heart:
  9. Great buy! :love: I would have snatched that babe SO fast!:lol:
  10. it's a beautiful scarf! now... why did she talk you out of it in the first place???
  11. Very Cute!
  12. Congrats! I love mine...I usually put it through my belt loops and it looks adorable..I have yet to try it in my hair though lol.
    I wanted the green and orange too but never got around to getting them..oh well :lol:
  13. oh wow! i love it:love: . what a great buy. don't ever let anyone talk you out of a purchase. if you love it then that is all that matters. i love free stuff! congrats!
  14. Its super cute....now that would sprouce up an outfit.....lucky you!:smile:
  15. Awesome color, it looks great!