I wasn't going to reveal this bag, but when I saw her, I changed my mind!

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  1. So this is likely my LAST reveal for a few months, whew!

    I am pretty pleased with my collection and my bank acct needs a break, lol. I now have 17 handbags, 10 of which are Coach. I love all of them. This is the last one I'll buy in 2011.

    Madison small Python Embossed Sophia in Mahogany! Soft, beautiful (though delicate) leather, not scaly but rather, sueded. It is EXTREMELY unstructured and turns into a puddle when empty, which doesn't bother me at all. It most resembles rattlesnake skin! I like that it looks more "real" than blue or pink snake print. Inside is definitely perfect mauve. It's so pretty, it does not need additions of any kind (scarves, fobs, etc) in my opinion. I actually put the chain strap away for now, even though it's gorgeous, because I carry my sophias in hand or on the elbow, and the strap adds weight.

  2. [​IMG]


    holding my things, including iridescent ash BV continental wallet, which is a good match I think.
  3. She is beautiful Jane! I just love Sophia and I agree she speaks for herself and doesn't need any embellishments!
    Congrats & enjoy!
  4. Congrats! I just got this bag on Monday in the large size and I love how realistic the python looks and feels. :smile: she is a beauty that's for sure.
  5. That's it! Thanks for joining me. Ban commences for realz now. Really went out with a bang I think -- this sophia is already near HG status.
  6. Beautiful bag-congrats! I love the look and feel of this one. I was hoping to find one at my outlet, but no luck :sad: Enjoy all your lovely new bags...and you know 2012 is right around the corner :graucho:
  7. Wow, everytime I see this bag I want it even more. Just beautiful!
  8. Thank you! Yes, it's darn gorgeous. It's flying out of the outlets at top speed I'm sure. Mine is an outlet bag with the bullet on the creed but I don't care. I got mine off ebay since my outlet is so far away and the seller knocked $150 off retail and gave me free shipping, so I just went for it. No regrets whatsoever.
  9. WOOHOO, your new bag is beautiful and the lining is yummy. Thanks for sharing, granny
  10. I love that it puddles....what a gorgeous gorgeous bag....enjoy and start dreaming of the day your ban ends ;)
  11. Gorgeous Python Jane!!
  12. I'm so glad you revealed it!!! This is the only Sophia that has really tempted me. It is stunning and gorgeous beyond belief! I love absolutely everything about it - it's breathtaking. Congrats are definitely in order on this one!!
  13. You're wallet matches this bag perfectly!! I love it!
    Im glad you found one ... Enjoy her!

  14. Great bag! Glad you love it and have no regrets! I bought the accordian wallet in this same color/print and I love it too!!
  15. Pretty!! Congrats