I wasnt feeling the Brynne..so I aged it myself!!

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  1. Ok...

    Before I confess to kooba abuse...Im not crazy! HONEST!

    For the last few days I havent been 'feeling' my Brynne. I love the design but the colour was too orangey for my my tastes and I new that I wouldnt carry it because of that. It would have taken ages to darken with age.

    Anyway last night I was really fed up about it. I already have an unloved scarlett, and to have another Kooba that I wouldnt use was too much for me.

    So......I erm, decided to age the Brynne myself. I um......rubbed vaseline over my palms and massaged it all over my Brynne.:wtf:

    I rubbed it in nicely last night and put it out in the sun all morning. Now its dry Im happy with the result. It has gone more of a rich terracotta colour. 100% useable for me now.

    Ok...Im not crazy in real life...but I had to share my moment of risky madness with you all.

    The before pic is the one of the brynne on the chair, and the new improved brynne is on the carpet.
  2. oh wow! i like both colors :yes: if it makes you want to carry it more, then all for it!

    and you are one brave, brave girl! :biggrin:
  3. WOW!!! You made that bag a whole new color....and it's so much better than the original! When I first saw this thread I thought "OH NO...what did she do?". I had thoughts of a Cheese grater! But you are a brave woman and my hats off to you for making that bag much more awesome. Where did you get the vasoline idea?
  4. LOL, Halz, you are a brave girl...

    Hope it turned out the way you hoped, guess that leather is properly protected now and nothing will touch that grease...(sorry, that didn't sound right, LOL)
  5. Amazing! When I saw this thread I first pictured you beating your Kooba with chains to age it, like they do to distress furniture.

    I love the result.
  6. It looks great! I don't think I'd have the courage to try that but I like the results. (I also thought of you with a cheese grater in your hands.)

    BTW, my Brynne in black has a really nice texture to it. You can really see the grain of the lambskin. How about yours? It's a little tough to tell from the photos above.
  7. You are bold, and your bag looks better for it. I like it and will keep your idea in the back of my mind.
  8. LOL...even though I did it I wouldnt recommend it unless you were absolutely sure that you couldnt use the bag otherwise. I did a patch test on the inside of one of the side pockets first, but I was worried as I knew the vasaline would stain it darker, which is what I wanted, but if anyone tries it..

    DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate greasin' up your koobas. I will not be held responsible for any damage you inflict on your mega-$$$$$ handbags!".

  9. I like it! But if you ever decide to put it up on ebay, people might think it's fake because of the strange colour. You're going to have to come clean and tell them it's your "Vaseline Bag." :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. LOL! No I will never sell this bag. I couldnt do that to someone. This bag is a keeper now. :okay:
  11. haha wow what an idea! :smile: I love the new color it looks much nicer and richer!

    did it change the feel of the leather at all?

  12. Nope...it feels soft and smooth like before. My thinking behind it was that vasaline can be used on cracked lips, sore baby butts etc. so massaging it onto leather wouldnt exactly burn it or anything :lol:

    Im much happy with it now. It was too 'tango' orange before.
  13. i love it. awesome experiement! awesome outcome!

    (i won't be trying this)
  14. You are so brave! But I love the outcome. Glad you now have a bag that you can carry. :yes:
  15. Wow, my blood pressure first went through the roof reading your post, but way to go - it looks amazing!