i wasnt being rude

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  1. My speedy 35 and I were shopping at victoria secret . When I got up to the check out the cashier said "where did you buy your Louis Vuitton . " I said at Louis Vuitton . She just stared at me like she thought I was going to say walmart or something. You could tell she thought I was rude . Really what was she thinking .
  2. Well I don't think you were being rude; in my opinion her question of where you bought it comes off as ruder because I would take that as am implication that she thinks your bag is a fake? Normally when I see someone carrying a bag that catches my eye, I just comment to that person that I think they're bag is cute. :biggrin:
  3. I don't think a lot of people realize that there is an actual Louis Vuitton boutique! :biggrin: Almost everyone who asks about my bags thinks I purchased them on one of those replica websites which they assume sells authentic bags. It's actually kind of funny to get those quizzical looks where you can tell they are wondering if a Louis Vuitton store really exists or if I am making a joke.
  4. Lol. I would've looked at her weird.
  5. I got this too with my PN. I was the same, I got it in LV! And the sales lady was just dumbfounded.

    But I felt bad that they'd think Noé's a fake.
  6. ;)I would have added the location of the LV boutique--like at the____mall, or something like that, assuming she didn't know the LV boutiques exist.
  7. To be honest I first read that as she meant which boutique - I've been too a few so it's exciting to talk to others about the different stores. Do you have one locally, perhaps she was expecting your answer to be "on my trip to Vegas last year"?

    I don't know, I would have automatically assumed she meant which boutique.
  8. Oh that could be true...
  9. I think you may be giving the VS salesperson too much credit here.

    It's entirely possible that she was confused about the boutique. However, all things considered, I rather doubt the girl at VS was extremely familiar with the availability of LV. With that being said though, you may be entirely correct. Maybe she really was confused the venue from which the purse was purchased.

    Cheers for giving her the benefit of the doubt.