I wasn't aware!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO :(

  1. I thought that when I went into the store on Monday they would have this whole huge selection of Pomme items for me to chose from. I called today to ask and they have next to nothing!

    I didn't know that it was going so fast and was so hard to get! Now I have to go on a nationwide hunt again to find stuff like I had to do with miroir

    This will be a fun night.............lol

    I want pomme!!!!!
  2. Good luck with your search... :search:
  3. don't panic it will be around for at least 6 months (but most likely longer because it's been so popular)
  4. If you have something in mind, you can always call 866 number. Elux now has a pretty big selection of pomme too.
  5. I know what you mean! I waitlisted for the Pomme heart coin purse in two LVs and didn't get it. I was second on the list at Neiman Marcus, but the store only received one Pomme, one Framboise, and one MC Heart.

    Okay, I got the MC heart, but I also wanted the Pomme, too, all on the same day. Talk about wanting to throw a temper tantrum! LOL Bummer!

    Guess I'll have to be patient.....:crybaby:

    Good luck in your search!! I hope you find yours right away!!
  6. oh good luck! the chase is on!
  7. oh no! good luck hun! one store of mine was out of the pomme agenda, thankfully the other one (5 minutes away) had a couple in stock. did you end up finding a mirroir though? :biggrin:
  8. The hunt is fun sometimes.
  9. Yes, it can be! Hope you do have fun!
  10. Question - were you succesful in your miroir search?
  11. Havee fun on your search! good luck!
  12. Good luck on your shopping hunt!
  13. Nope, projects show they expect to be sold out by March!
  14. yupp...I own both paps...still wanting a speedy though. i will NOT pay that much over retail though!
  15. Wow...thank you all for your support in my hunt!

    I'm new to being able to buy like this. After working for a year at my new job (which has a nice income) I'm able to buy the things that I really want

    I just didn't know it would be so hard to hunt it down!