I wasn't a LV fan until....

  1. I discovered damier:yahoo: I have to be honest I have always been a gucci girl... and I must admit now I struggle to find things to get from there that I LOVE...

    I went to Neimans a few weeks ago and met the manager at the LV boutique. She was soo patient even though I was pretty sure I wasn't going to buy anything after she said that there were no pomme agendas in stock. However, she showed me everything I wanted to see and even suggested different things to diversify my collection.

    The one thing I will say is that I didn't like to see SOOOOO many of the fake mono LV. That just makes me mad. But I never really took the time to look at other LV items like the Epi(which I have to have an epi alma now) or the vernis which I love!

    I now have a wishlist that includes 1 mono item:shame: and its the dpeedy 35 I LOVE it!!!

    Here is the rest of my wishlist! What do you think? Should there be more things that I may not know about yet or a must have

    Red epi pouchette
    Medium red epi agenda
    red epi cles
    Red epi alma
    Mono speedy 35
    MC alma or speedy
    Damier saleya MM
    Damier Azur speedy 30

    I know there seems to be a lot of red but I love the red accessories with all of the bags!
  2. Red epi pouchette ------- Oh! great pick!
    Medium red epi agenda
    red epi cles
    Red epi alma ---- How about Jasmin?
    seems like you fall in love with red epi and it's also my favorite color!

    Mono speedy 35 ----- a little big big.
    MC alma or speedy ----- MC speedy in white is soooo nice and I love mine too!
    Damier saleya MM ------ also my wishlist
    Damier Azur speedy 30 ----- Great choice! I got 25 and it looks so cute!

    You have a great taste on what you have pick!

    You know, There are also lots of fake Guccis and look close as real too. Maybe they did better than LVs.
  3. Yeah they do Gucci's really well these days too! Its a shame.... thanks for the input on my bags!
  4. I think you should add a pomme lexington- very pretty red
  5. You're welcome .... oh! Dior vintage flower frame bag is one of a very nice bag too. :love:
  6. I think I may want the Vivienne long in epi red instead of the alma
  7. I love red accessories with my bags too. I don't have any red epi yet, but looking forward one day. Looks like you have a great list. I'm more of a speedy 30 girl, but if you think you can carry a 35 or need a bag taht big for travel/work reasons then go for it! The only bag I'm not a fan of is the mc line, but that's just me, it seems everyone loves it though. If you can spring for a pomme accessory instead of all red epi that might be nice for variety like blew suggested.
  8. I agree, this is such a beautiful purse!
  9. I just bought a pomme wallet because it will go with both black and white bags, as well as the red interior of my Saleya. It even looks good next to mono canvas! I think the only bag it won't match is my green Bulga, but hey, that's ok!
  10. How about a Pomme Roxbury Drive?
  11. I agree that red looks good with almost all LV bags...:wlae:

    You ladies have been really helpful... I am supposed to pick up a bag I have on hold at the gucci boutique on thursday that cost $1395 however If I am not that happy with it and don't find a replacement then I will be spending it at the LV boutique...

    Trying to think of a way to maximize my money this go around. As I will be having another $2k shopping spree in September. In between this time I will be making $200-400 purchases? Let me know what u would get?
  12. Roxbury Drive~ I like it but I really like the popincourt!
  13. Great wishlist!
  14. what a rounded list! maybe wait until you satisfy that before you add any more!