I washed my Antony - in the machine [emoji44]

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  1. I've just received my new to me Antony. He's an old guy and needed a decent clean so..... into the washing machine he went! - given he's roughly 10 years old the water was black so had to put him through twice!

    Once he's dry completely dry I'll give him a good condition with leather honey.

    I'm really happy so far.

    Before and After washing received_356246001636068.jpeg 20190209_204008.jpeg
  2. Sometimes you've just got to take the plunge and often it works out.......guessing this is a Darwin Ant? Almost looks like new again!
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  3. Wow! What a transformation
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  4. Yes he is Darwin! He's my first old man and it's defo love
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  5. I know!
  6. Well done!
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  7. Have started applying leather honey as worries he'll go dry & stiff. So far so good 20190210_185244.jpeg
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  8. as long as you let him take his time drying, it should be no problem
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  9. Thanks Kriscat, how long does it usually take? I washed him on Saturday evening. He feels pretty much dry but I’m sure he can’t be already. I’m applying leather honey 2-3 times a day and letting him hang and air dry.
  10. Advice ladies please...
    I just got this beautiful Ledbury....it was a steal because of the water stains to the bottom. I am prepared to take a risk with it as it was such a great buy!
    Washing machine???

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  11. No - you’ll ruin it
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  12. I agree with Pessie, don't wash it. Try bending and working the leather to disperse the water.
  13. EnglishGirl70 if you soak it in a bowl of water the entire bag will darken and the water stain should blend in . Personally I would live with the stain as the rest of the bag is stunning .

    I dunked an Anthony many years ago after being caught in a storm when he just a few days old and he darkened but was fine .
  14. 3 - 4 days if it's around 20 degrees and not too dry - leather balm can be applied when moist, so that is not a problem, rather the opposite, imo.
  15. Omg! That’s has come up like New!
    I would be to scared to put in the washing machine.