I was wondering about the Wapity?

  1. Is it good for a camera? I want to start carrying my digital camera and I can't use my mini pouchette (that's for my ipod). I heard the wapity is a really good investment. If you have one what do you use it for?:love:
  2. i use my wapity as a camera case! i have a fuji finepix z3 (for size comparison) and it fits perfectly w/ room to spare. i use the pocket in the wapity to hold an extra media card. i can even fit my cell phone in there (motorola rzr), some $, my debit card, a lip gloss, and a key or two for nights out! yes, it is the best little investment! you won't be sorry.
  3. I was thinking of getting a wapity for the same reason.
  4. I want do buy a wapity for my camera to :biggrin:
  5. HAHA looks like I had the right idea!! I like the look of a lot of little bags in my big bag!! E.I. the T&B pouchette, the Groom Cles and then the Wapity!! HAHA! Great!!
  6. Wapitys are good to hold small digicams or to hold CC's, cell phone, and keys to a quick trip to the store. :tup:
  7. I use mine as a camera case. I also put my DS games in the small interior pocket!
  8. I use my MC Wapity to hold my digital camera and there is still a little more room for cash and/or credit cards.
  9. Me, too! I use the mono Wapity for my slim digital camera. The little slit pocket inside is perfect to hold an extra battery. Very chic way to tote your camera!
  10. I'm pretty sure that's the wapity's intended purpose.

    I use mine for my camera when on holiday and an emergency kit when not (painkillers, fem products, nail file etc yes not very big emergencies I admit)
  11. Make sure you try your camera first...for some cameras, it's a tight squeeze!
  12. it'll fit a small-sized camera alright, but I'm always concern that due to the lack of structure and it being so roomy for my camera (the camera doesn't take up the entire bag), that other stuff in my purse may accidentally squish it and break my camera...so I only put my camera in there when I'm ready to use it as a wristlet on a light outting...
  13. I use mine to put car keys, cc's, cash etc while I'm out shopping for the day...'cause I hate to lug my Jumbos around the mall, kwim?
  14. I just ordered my wapity! But, that is one of the reasons I got it was for my camera and some small items.
  15. I put my camera in there sometimes, but mainly I use it to hold my i-pod, CC's and mobile phone on quick trips to the shops.