I was wondering about a collection thread

  1. I would love a sticky My collection-thread on the LV forum in which you would only post pics of your LV´s not other bags. I like the bag showcase a lot, but it´s difficult to find the LV forum members collections and I want to focus on only LV for now. What do you think, is this a dumb idea:shrugs: ?
  2. i agree!
  3. I think it's a great idea!!!
  4. I agree too!
  5. Great idea, Nola! :flowers:

    A 'My LV Collection' thread would be perfect!
  6. OK, I've made a sticky "Showcase your LV collection" (I wanted to call it My LV Collection but don't want people thinking it's only MY LV collection!!!:lol:) but don't know if we have TOO MANY stickies at this point! What do you think? Should we unstick some of the threads or leave them the way they are?
  7. I think there are just enough stickies! I don't know which ones you would remove, if you wanted to remove any...they're all so awesome!
  8. Great idea!!!!!!:yes: I too, try to find collections only LV, and it's bit of guessing game..."Hmm, this looks like a good one...perhaps this one has some LV..." <Click> Nope...Darn...Ok...let's see..."This one.." <Click> nahhh...Shoot. <CLick..> :lol:
  9. great idea Nola ;)

    thanks LV_addict for doing this. i don't think we have too many stickies.... but how about making it a "photos only" thread just like that other stickie?
  10. Sounds like a plan!:yes: Consider it done!
  11. Yeah, we have one now! :yahoo: Thanks Nola and Irene.
  12. Thanks for setting this up, Irene!
  13. We are not exctly sure as to how to go about it. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to post them here. Do we post collection pics, separate pics, etc.
  14. if by separate pictures you mean one picture per bag, then that would mean something like 50 pictures for some people :lol:!

    we can post pictures according to line -- Monogram, Damier, Epi, etc. -- and an entire family shot, which may be difficult for some people unless they're standing 349837ft away :P
  15. The only thing about posting by the line (mono, vernis, etc.), would it not be exactly the same idea as the LV Club threads?