i was under the impression that metallics are over

  1. hi everybody, i remember about 2 years ago metallics were all the rage and everybody on the streets had a metallic bag. i never really liked shiny metallic bags, so i didn't give in to the trend and thinking it would be by no time. it dragged on and on and thankfully i barely see people on the streets with shiny bag under their arm, but why do designers keep making them knowing a lot of us are sick of it?

    or i could be totally wrong and metallics are still "all the rage", but i really doubt it.
  2. they're classic if not overdone/over the top blingy IMO.
    So I have to say "all the rage":yes:
  3. i just bought a copper metallic marc jacobs bag and i must say it is subtle and gorgeous...definitely not overdone.
  4. Nope...Metallics are still hot. Especially if tastefully done.
  5. here's my 2, both are classic IMO:
    DSCF1336.jpg IMG_0796.jpg
  6. i guess if it's in a bronze like tone and subtle it would be okay? but what about huge gold and silver bags?
  7. Just because something is supposedly "all the rage" isn't a reason to buy it if you think it's ugly.

    I think some metallics can look great, others not so much. I think some are classics but others that are really extreme? Not so much.
  8. seems to be in, even though I don't like the mirrory/blingy metallics.
  9. I like metallics only in very small and subtle doses. It's so easy to cross the line from fabulous to tacky.
  10. I remember buying a horrible gold bag a couple of years or so ago. I only got it because all of the fashion mags said that they were in. When I got my bag in, I returned it.

    Now, its the same thing---all of the magazines say they're hot again. While the LV metallic bags are beautiful, I think I'm going to pass on this trend this time around.
  11. I think a bright metallic bag is fine as long as it is a quality bag (perhaps NOT one with large sequins resembling fish scales that are falling off here and there) and it is the only blingy thing about the outfit. Gold can offset navy and white beautifully in the spring and summer, for example.

    Metallics done right are a classic, IMO.
  12. i still love metallics.
  13. i think i will pass on this, again.
  14. I think the popularity of metallics is fading and generally being replaced by bright, electric colors.
  15. LOL i have to say.. i'll pass on this too. unless i wear like all solid black and need a focus accessory.

    I agree with bj... i don't know why designers keep with it... metallic bags are hard to pull off