I was told that the black birkin 30cm comes only

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  1. in Clemence or Togo? Is this true?
  2. no. a black 30 can come in anything............chevre, fjord, evergrain, swift, box............croc, ostrich.
  3. I think it comes in almost all leathers..hope it helps!
  4. Not true. I have a 30 black box Birkin with gold hardware.
  5. Is this something Madison Ave. SAs said to you?
  6. Maybe the store you asked has only ordered that size and skin in black?
  7. That might be all that was available this season, absent a special order.
  8. epsom too
  9. Probably just not available at this time at that particular store....
    BTW- this size is perfect and gorgeous in just about any leather...the larger sizes look droopy in clemence, for example.
  10. black 30 can be in croc too
  11. I was just curious if the togo develops a shiny patina once it ages? Does togo age well in general?