I was this close!

  1. I'm a little depressed today, so I kept thinking that I wanted to go ahead and buy the Damier Knightsbridge today, instead of waiting on DH and our November anniversary.

    I had psyched myself up and went to eLux and wouldn't you know?!?!? :shrugs:

    The d*mn thing is out of stock!!! Oh well....I guess that it wasn't meant to be today.:crybaby:

    I guess that I should wait 'til November anyway. :s
  2. Oh...:sad: I guess not today..
  3. Don't worry, Vuitton will come through for you when the time is right ! :yes:
  4. well think about it, if you couldn't get it today, once you do get it, you will be even more happy. :smile:
  5. :crybaby: No Doubt...I have been in your boat all day! The time will come......as they say:graucho:
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