I was THIS close to getting rid of it

  1. Well since today was 20 cent listing day, I scooped up a bunch of things and decided to sell today. One of them was my pale rose day bag. Now believe it or not it's the only bbag I have never used. I don't really know why, but I've just taken it out to take pictures.

    I hadn't looked at that bag since maybe March of last year. So anyway, I had this twinge of guilt as I opened the both. Then I felt like there was a sharp pain as I took the dust bag off....Then I looked at it. It was soooo beautiful. I couldn't possibly get rid of it.

    I think it might have been really easy to sell. One of my easier sells...do you think I would have regretted it if I got rid of it? I was just trying to earn a little money for some new bags. Bags I'm really loving at this moment. But I couldn't part with it.:sad: Now I want to use it. Would I make as much for it if I started using it and got rid of it when I got tired of it? I don't really believe so.:Push:
  2. elongreach, i always ask myself a couple of questions before i end up selling a bag. why aren't i using it? do i really love it that i will use it and justify keeping it, or do i just find it pretty/beautiful and want to stare at it? there are a few bags in my collection that i rarely use, but i find them so amazing and i get so happy when i do use them that i would never sell them. my chanel reissue is one of those bags.
    i recently sold two of my b-bags bc i fell in love with something else. i don't regret selling them but i do think i want to get those bags back sometime down the road when i have more $. it's just the bag that i wanted is limited edition (from what i hear) so i had to weigh my options....

    anyway, you won't make as much if you use the bag, but i'm sure you'd still get a good chunk of change back. good luck deciding!
  3. As much as I would LOVe, LOVE, LOVE a pink Day, you may want to hold onto it for a while. There are 2 on ebay now that arent moving and they are priced low. In fact, nothing seems to be selling very fast. I have a Bbag and a Chloe listed again for the 3rd time each!
  4. agreed!
    i think there's a thin line on really love the bag or just plain greed...
    there's must be a reason you never use the bag, or maybe you can just take the bag out for a day or two to see if you still want the bag or not.
    good luck :P
  5. i'd say keep it......i bet it's gorgeous :smile:
  6. Well I'm going to use the bag either tomorrow or this weekend. I'm not sure I want to take it around my roudy family for Thanksgiving. They may rough it up. It's so pretty and that's without my stuff in it. It's my only light colored bbag. Is it hard to keep clean? Or keep without like marks and what not? I know about people having fading, but what about the other stuff?
  7. elong, I totally know the feeling. I'll be browsing through bags online, convincing myself to sell off some of my LVs to add to my bbag collection. but when I take them out of their dustcovers, I can't bring myself to sell them!! Is it so wrong to want it all?? :rolleyes: :girlsigh: