I was this close... in returning the paddy!

  1. Hello all,

    I was this close in returning the whiskey paddy to nordy's today. I was extremely hesitant in returning it. The nordy's SA even gave me a few minutes to decide if I wanted to keep it or not.

    My reason for wanting to return the paddy

    - Its just TOO heavy and TOO big from what Im used to. (Im currently using my black first as a daily bag, much lighter in weight and size)

    - I used it once (with only my keys, cell phone, card holder) and after having it in my arms for hours at a time, my mind never ceased to think that the paddy wasnt heavy.

    - I know I will barely us it because its really uncomfortable for me to hold

    reasons for keeping it:

    - its a CHLOE paddington bag

    - the bag is gorgeous/ I admire the details

    - I like the color

    - its sold out everywhere and hard to find

    S:huh:O:huh:o:huh::huh:oo, Ive been thinking that a baby would be PERFECT for me, however, its sold out everywhere, and I dont have the funds for a baby until I know what to do with my med.

    I dont want to return my med paddy if I cant find a baby, and I wont be able to purchase a baby until I return my med.

    sighhhhhh. This is just alksdjfkasjdflaksdjfa;lsjflasdjfalskjfasd.....

    what to do?!?!?!?
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  2. well, i felt the same way about it being heavy, but use it for two weeks, and i swear you build MUSCLE and after a while, you won't notice it. trust me on this! i'm very small, 4 feet 11, 95 lbs and if i can do it, you can toooo~!
  3. Same with me. I had problems with the weight but Fayden is right you don't notice it after a while anymore. Keep it it such a great bag!!

  4. thanks fayden.. and wow.. u are very petite!
  5. Am I the only one who didnt notice the weight? LOL. Its larger than I'm used to but I've grown to love the size - I normally crammed alot into my too small bag, but now I have room.
  6. is there another Chloe bag you like? the Kerala and Silverado are lighter than the Paddy I think.

    If you're looking for an it bag in general, I know people like Fendi
    Spys because they're so big but also light. I love mine!
  7. that was my 2nd choice, if the paddy's dont go well, spy it is. :amuse:
  8. If you're not 100% satisfied with it then you should exchange it for another bag. That's how I make decisions about my bags :biggrin:
  9. thanks for the advice!

    I usually think the way u think in regards to bag purchases. But this is a CHLOE paddy bag. lolz. a difficult decision to just make in a sec. lolz. if it was any other bag like a dior gaucho, i wouldnt hesitate in returning it... that is an IT bag, but I know for a fact that it isnt me.

  10. I second this. I have a few that I ended up carrying less than once a year because there's something that isn't "just" right. (and of course the ones that I love get all ratty cuz I carry them everyday :shame: )
  11. They had the baby paddy in chocolate at the Nordstrom at the Grove, you should call there and get that one!
  12. Totally agree :biggrin:

    Also, the whiskey paddy is still available on NM.com :biggrin: Or at least it was yesterday.
  13. you know when i was at nordys today, the SA didnt know anything in regards to chloe. she just knew that i spent alot of money on it. It so happens that she was just filling in for another SA who went on lunch. So she tried to do a search for baby paddys, she had no idea where to start.

    and she said SOLD OUT company wide.

    thanks airress, where is Grove located?