I was talking to a sales agent and they think....

  1. I was speaking with an LV SA and they told me that they think the Aureilla and possibly the Audra will be discontinued because there are only a handle full left in the US and canada...thought I should post the info he relayed to me...love both bags sooo fun and Audrey Hepburn IMO.....
  2. Oh no!
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Oh no... I've been jonesing for that Audra in white. Soooo adorable but just can't justify the price for the bag. Maybe I should pick it up before the price increase and before they're gone forever :shocked:
  5. The SA at the Tyson's NM in N VA told me that the Audra was going to be discontinued... he told me that back in March I think... guess it's true. Sad, it's so cute but so $$$$!
  6. Wow...I thought it will stay permanent..
  7. The audra doesn't suprise me, but the Aurelia does- being the only MC tote and a new style :shrugs:
  8. Yeah, I agree with Valley, didn't the Aurelia just come out? But I'm glad I already got the Audra, it's such a great summerbag
  9. what about priscilla? it came out about the same time didn't it. I really hope they don't discontinue that one
  10. PR says the Aurelia is just under a year old. However, LV is always fickle one day its perm next its disc...:confused1: :confused1:
  11. Why oh why???? :crybaby:Panic! I hate this...
  12. I love the Aurelia. It looks like such a nice sized bag. It's a nicely shaped tote. There aren't many LV shoulder bags that I like. Darn it!
  13. that is what the SA at Vuitton told me about both bags...he said that because the quanities are so low he said that it is only a matter of time when they will be discontinued...but, awhile back when I called about something they were wrong so, who really knows...the Aureilla according to the SA there are 20 in the US and 16 in Canada and that is both colours and he thinks that it is a sign that they are not producing has many and may be phasing them out....they are $$$ compared to mono totes.....