I was supposed to show you pics of my Coach goodies but...

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  1. it'll have to wait. I came home today to a phone message that I did not get the job I went for the follow=up interview a couple of days ago. Apparently my skill set is not a match so why they asked me to fly halfway across the country for a clinic visit when my skill set hasn't changed from the first interview to now has me really stumped. It's not like I drove a few hours or something and they knew that. I am a sloppy mess right now. And I'm a bit pissed about the whole situation- not the not getting the job part but the whole having me come back if my skill set wasn;t a match.
  2. Ick!! I a sorry Jenn!! That does suck that they had you go that far for nothing. You need a little coach trinket for your troubles now! :P
  3. Kiki I am so sorry! That is just ridiculous that they had you go through all that if it "wasn't a match". :cursing:

    <<<HUGS>>> I am so sorry hun!

  4. WTF?
    So sorry!
  5. I am so sorry! I am in the interview process for a job at work, and I had my fingers crossed for you since I knew you were interviewing too. I hope that something better comes your way soon.
  6. That s*cks! Yea, cant they figure out what they are looking for BEFORE they fly people in? That just doesnt make sense. Look at it this way - you're better off not getting the job if they are that unsure of what the position requires.
  7. That is so frustrating that they made you fly all the way out there when they should have already known your "skills" weren't what they were looking for.

    They don't deserve you! We are all here for you if you need anything! :hugs:
  8. What the heck were they thinking! I am so sorry! I totally think you deserve something Coach for this!
  9. Unfortunately because of the whole having to reschedule the original f/u trip due to the weather, my current job found out I had an interview and to them that's the same as quitting and they are interviewing for my replacement so at the end of this month I have no job and we have NO income whatsoever. It's fine. I hate my current job but I gotta figure out quick what I am going to do. My life is a holy mess and I am on the edge.
  10. :weird: well that's a bummer! *Hugs* Best of luck for future job interviews... don't let this one keep you down! *more hugs*
  11. Oh no! I am sorry!!! That doesn't make any sense at all! So sorry to hear about this!!
  12. :wtf:

    Good luck finding something better - remember when 1 door closes somewhere another has opened for you. :flowers:
  13. im so sorry!!!! I cant believe they did that after you went all the way out there!!! Now you need more coach to make you feel better :0)

  14. aw, sweetie! It will get better - get back out there next week - i mean if you job knows now,well, then they know. Make looking for the new job your new job - lots of hugs your way!!!

    Oh, and yeah, that is bs what happened - i have heard some crazy stories lately w/ interviews - do trust in the fact your not alone - and dont take it personal!! Look at it this way, would you want to work for people who did that to you?
  15. That;s what I said when I got home and heard the message. WTF? This long drawn out process sucked but I just don't understand why they had me come back at a cost of over $500 to myself and 2 days off of work for a visit that shouldn't haven't even been invited. It's not like I had a stroke and my abilities changed after the first interview. The kicker is that there wasn't even an interview at this visit. It was purely a visit for me to observe the clinic to see if I thought I wanted to work there. So I am really confused, pissed,and bitter. I shouldn't even be posting this but DH keeps telling me it'll work out and to keep myself up and I can't. I have no one else to talk to.