I was supposed to go to pilates tonight, but...

  1. I ended up going to happy hour with a friend and gorging out on 2 pina coladas, chicken quesadillas and buttercream cheesecake for desert. omg I feel like a sausage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :crybaby:
  2. I worked out and then ruined it with cake and crackers! haha P.S. drinks with your girlfriend is good for your health also!
  3. It's give and take. Don't worry about it. If you do it everyday, then I'd start worrying. Just get back on track. ;) I'm trying to get back on track and behave but it's so hard. Even when there's no junk here, everything just seems too good for just one serving. Yikes!
  4. ya I stay on track most days, and i figure that getting off track is ok once in a while, it just seems that my 'once in a while' is often once a week LOL!
  5. You're fine! :yes: I get off track every few days! :crybaby: But I'm trying. Besides, I've seen your pics and you look great already!
  6. Doesn't sound too bad, I mean it was a one time thing and now you can start again tomorrow with a nice brisk workout in the morning to help some of it off.I have to say that the buttercream cheesecake sounds absolutely delicious! :yes: