I was such a idiot today with my poor LV

  1. It has a happy ending but....

    I am sooooo stressed with school right now....I am proposing my Masters in 2 weeks and was up all night finishing it...and was in a rush today to run across campus to teach a class. I get almost to the door of the building and I realize my arm feels light. OMG no bag on my arm!!!!!!!!!
    I was almost late for class and didn't have the 15 minutes to run back to my previous classroom. I figured it was one of two places (my Damier speedy with my LV wallet inside): my office or on the floor of the classroom I was in previously.
    I panicked and banged on a random professors door out of breath and asked to use a phone to call my office-buddy.
    Fortunately....it was on my desk.

    OMG OMG I almost had a freaking heart attack waiting for her to check my desk. Was imaging what hubby was going to say when I told him I was an idiot and left 1000$ worth of LV laying on a floor.

    I seriously need Spring Break to start...I have NEVER in my life done this before. I am losing my mind!
  2. OMG Twigs!!!! Okay, I would have seriously freaked out then had a heart attack!!!!! Thank God it was on your desk! I bet you'll never do that again!! :smile:
  3. OMG- I would have died! I am so happy it was safe on your desk-
  4. I know!!!!!!!! The 5 minutes from when I realized until I called my office-buddy was absolute hell!
  5. I'm so glad it was on your desk. I couldn't breath till you said that.
  6. Glad to hear everything is OK. I was feeling your pain as I read your story. I hate that "oh crap!" feeling. Relax and get some sleep!!:sleepy:
  7. oh, that is awful!! I'm glad it was still there! good luck with your master's though ... I just finished my thesis last night too, but don't have to present. so I feel your craziness!! get some serious rest over spring break!! :p
  8. Oh my god, I would totally have panicked in that case as well:sweatdrop: I'm glad you found it though :smile:
  9. Thanks all...I knew only you guys would understand! Only 2 more days until Spring Break starts (although I have to grade 30 papers, take care of house stuff that has been languishing since the Masters craze, and continue analyses for my masters, and prepare for a conference presentation)!
  10. omg!! I am SO glad you found it when you did !! :sweatdrop:
  11. OMG, that would scare me half to death. So glad it all worked out.
    Sounds like you need a break from all the stress.
  12. phew!:oh:
  13. Maybe for your last few days, you can leave Louis Vuitton at home ;)
  14. What a scare!!! Thank goodness you and your LV were all right!! You are so busy --- I can see understand why happened. Good luck with your master's presentation --- just think it will all be over soon and you will be stress-free!!
  15. OMG thank goodness your LVs are okay! I was having a heart attack just reading about it!