I was sooo excited for my Ebay purchase to arrive...

  1. and ran to my door when the UPS guy knocked... I opened the box and this horrible odor almost knocked me over:wtf:. The seller must have kept moth balls inside the bag and the smell is beyond disgusting. I can't even imagine how to get rid of that odor. It is an adorable Balenciaga "First" and listed as "MINT" condition.
    I emailed the seller and waiting for her response. I'm hoping she does not give me a hard time about returning this bbag- I deserve a full refund including the $40 shipping fee.. do you ladies agree?
  2. That really does suck but I know a lot of older people such as my boyfriends grandparents go crazy with the moth balls but there are ways to eliminate the odor if you really want the bag. I think the best thing to do is to expose the lining of the bag to as much fresh air as possible...perhaps let the bag sit outside in a shady area enclosed in a netted box or something for a few days (bring it in at night though) and see if it eliminates the odor. I've also heard that putting bowls of activated charcoal or charcoal briquettes along with the bag in an enclosed area will absorb the odor. If you type in "removing mothball smell" into the google search, it will come up with lots of great tips. Otherwise, I think you are entitled to a full refund.. but be aware that the person who sold you the bag might not even be aware that there is that strong of a smell because like I said, a lot of older people are acclimated to that smell and really are not aware of it. Good luck!
  3. If you really like the bag, I think searching for "how to remove moth ball smell" is a good idea. After it airs out, maybe you could try Frebreze, and then let that air out as well. Maybe requesting a partial refund may be best considering your time and effort in correcting the problem. Hope this helps, good luck!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions:smile: but I'm not really lovin' the bag as much knowing it came with a funky smell and I'd rather put my money towards a MINT condition "fresher" bag.
  5. Sometimes it helps if you air it out..

    What colour did you get? :graucho:
  6. I know you wish you had a fresher smelling bag but I don't think this is fair to ask for a full refund... I mean... maybe if it was cigarette smoke or something, but moth balls implies that she was trying to keep moths out.

    If the bag itself, apart from smell, is in great condition, then I don't think a full refund is fair.

    I'm sorry, that's probably not what you want to hear... I've just never heard of 'smell' being part of the condition before. It's usually just whether it's intact or not...
  7. Unless the odor was stated in the auction I think you should be
    entitled to return it. Smell certainly IS important - what if it smelled like something else??? I won't type it here obviously but there are certain smells
    that can not be tolerated. Some people like the smell of gasoline & skunk - I can not stand it, same with mothballs. Even a faint odor of certain things makes me gag. I would however try to get the smell out 1st - but if it didn't work, or if returns are only accepted w/in 3 days or something then I'd send it back.
  8. Putting ground coffee in a paper bag inside the bag usually removes smells within a couple of days. I found this out b/c I had my car repaired (new car) and gas was spilled inside. The smell was terrible until I purchased coffee and accidentally left the bag inside the car for a couple of days. The gas smell was gone within a week and I had the smell of fresh coffee for a couple days before it was gone, too. My car smelled good as new within about 10 days!
  9. I think it is next to impossible to get moth ball odor out of a leather bag. It would make me sick--and then I would always think it smelled and wonder if people thought my bag smelled each time I carried it. Personally it grosses me out to carry a used bag---but that is my opinion.
  10. Ask seller for full refund, if Seller refuses to give you a refund, file with Paypal, although Paypal will only refund you the amount you paid for the item, no shipping fees.

    Good luck
  11. disagree...stating in a auction if a item has any sort of smell is important... especially for a bag since you can't have it washed or dry cleaned. Get your money back:tup:
  12. Did seller represent bag as having no odors? If so, you could say SNAD. Otherwise, Mint condition could be accurate for condition of purse, not smell. Good luck!

  13. I recently bought a vintage Fendi Bag on E-Bay and it smelled so funky but I left it outside, not in the sun's view, and just aired it and now the bag is perfectly fine.
  14. Oops... I guess i've learnt something new today. I've never let my bags degrade to smelling horrible but I also didn't realise it was part of the condition. I'll go hide now :shame:
  15. The same thing happened to me today. Received bag from eBay described as new never used - bag is new but reeks like cigarette smoke. I have asked for a full refund. If the seller refuses, I am going to pursue this with paypal and amex. I don't want to pay $999 for a bag that smells like smoke. BTW - the seller was "i-sold-it" auction # 2204145360924. I think its just wrong not to state the bag stinks.:cursing::cursing: