i was sold fake skII products. HELP!

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  1. hi guys

    a week ago i purchased some sk2 skincare from a seller who had quite good prices and since her feedback was pretty good i went ahead with it.
    i paid almost usd150 for 3 itmes.

    so it arrived today and once i opened the box i started having doubts. the boxes and the printing looked very cheap. then i opened them to examine them and the instruction booklets were worse!

    i bought the facial treatment mask before 2 months ago but don't have it anymore but i can still remember how it is. eveyrthing she sent me was so cheap.

    i was half doubtful until i started reading the instructions.


    this sux i bought this for my friend's birthday today and i can't give this to her.

    i should've known it was too good to be true

    does anyone know if i can file a claim with paypal? like u can with fake bags?

  2. Have you contacted the seller? Yes you can still file a chargeback with Paypal
  3. i don't konw if i should file a charge back first or contact the seller first?

    i am so angry!
    i wouldn't even take it if someone gave it to me for free!
    u can't use stuff like this on your face!
  4. No definitely not! You have no idea what the contents are

    You should contact the seller first telling them what they have sold is counterfeit and you expect a full refund.
  5. I agree with the above suggestions..

    I've seen fake skII products when I was doing an internship in China. Many were touting their products in front of supermarkets, bus stops and etc.

    From then on, i buy my facial products from dept stores only. Don't wanna risk getting breakouts...
  6. have you contacted the seller? there are a ton of fake SKII everywhere, don't even try it coz they might burn your skin. i won't even buy from the dealers, i rather get it straight from the SKII counter. hope that you will get your money back!
  7. gosh
    i am such an idiot i keep hitting myself for being so stupid
    i've been buying stuff on ebay for years
    first time i have been conned and of all things fake skincare!

    quite a few people left good feedback for their products. i mean i am so surprised no one's smelt a rat yet!
  8. Maybe she sell both authentic & fake products at the same time?
    She does offer a money back guarantee so I would recommend contacting her and explaining you aren't happy, etc. I would also request that she be responsible for the return shipping, she may not be agreeable, but it's worth it to ask.
    If she refuses to take the stuff back then file a paypal claim.
  9. I agree with the above. Express your disappointment with the seller and hopefully she'll honor her return policy. If not, file an INAD dispute. Good Luck to you.
  10. the seller has just responded saying that she purchases the stuff directly from the factory outlet and sometimes the packaging is different therefore she can get it at a fraction of the price...

    i don't trust that reason at all!

    she has offered to give me a refund if i send it back to her. at least there's a tiny hope that i have now
  11. Send it back immediately - but tell the seller that you intend to file a claim with paypal if she doesn't issue you a refund upon you providing her with a tracking number (send it in a way that gives a tracking number!) This is going to cost you (for postage) but she should refund your shipping charges from the original purchase.

    You'll be lucky if she pays for the new shipping charges - but at least you won't be out all the money.

    Then, leave her a negative feedback or at least a neutral with an indication for others that the items are fake. She'll probably neg you - but a neg as a buyer isn't that big of a deal.

    We'll all thank you. You can get authentic skincare products on eBay - sometimes much more cheaply (I bought authentic Obagi) but you have to be really careful.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you - don't delay, send it back, submit the tracking number to paypal and wait for the funds to show up in your paypal account. I'd open the claim within 48 hours of sending the thing and giving the seller the tracking number, if she hasn't refunded. You need to stop her before she abandons her user ID and goes off on another one.
  12. wow i had no idea there were fake skin care products!! i guess i should have known there is fake everything, its so sad!:sad: im sorry that happened
  13. wow, I had no idea there were fake things like that too.......and a thousands of feedback powerseller too!
  14. well, that is good that she offers to refund, please do leave her a negative rating so that others will see it and not get themselves burn! i don't buy the factory outlet excuses and packaging different, there is a big difference in fake and real goods. moreover this is for your skin, do take care in buying skincare over the internet.
  15. thanku girls
    i asked my friend about the buyers who left her positive about the sk2 products and her answer was that these other people are victims too and i was lucky enough to be able to have used and owned the same products hence being able to spot the difference in packaging etc...

    did u girls know that there are fake MAC makeup too?!