i was sold a fake!! what to do next?

  1. i am new to this forum.but was hoping i'd find some good advice.i purchased a fake chloe bag last month and have been told by many on here that it is indeed a fake.in the sellers description she stated that a refund would be given but i'd have to take the bag and have it verified by a manager at an authorized store that its indeed a fake bag.my questions are do stores such as NM even do this? i want to open a claim thru paypal since it hasnt been 45days yet.has anyone ever disputed a purchase because of authenticity issues? what kinda steps does one have to go through to prove a bag is an ugly fake? thanks kindly!:crybaby:
  2. http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/experience-with-fake-celine-boogie-94011.html

    This is the link to the thread I started on this issue - I also asked a couple of questions here in the eBay forum but the steps I took were:

    called paypal - they recommended to open a dispute - (did you pay via paypal - otherwise go through eBay) - I talked to seller who did not acknowledge that it was indeed fake - escalated to claim - then sent bag off for authentication - but you will need a letter stating it is indeed fake (either shop or my poupette etc...) - then returned bag to seller

    in the meantime - the seller never responded to my claim through paypal - so they found in my favour just due to timing.

    If your seller agrees to a refund straightaway I would take a few measures - open the claim anyway - better safe than sorry - if she refunds you can close it. Take pics of the bag before you send it back - oh, I got it authenticated in any case, even though in the end the seller was happy to refund -

    there are a lot of threads on this issue
    and if you search further back I am sure there are even more.

    I think you could get in touch with the seller saying that you found out the bag is fake, that you will file a claim (do that quickly bec if they transfer funds out their account there is only available whatever the protection covers) and that you expect a refund. If she disagrees you will need to authenticate the bag through a third party. If you return the bag after talking to paypal what to do (if they tell you to hang onto it, you should - I was told to get it authenticated so I did, then returned it), make sure you have documentation of the state it was in - take pics so the seller can't claim you trashed the bag, and let the seller know you will do so - and get tracking/insurance when you return it - no tracking, you have a problem with paypal.

    Sorry this happened - it is not nice. Good luck getting your money back.
  3. thank you so much for your help!! i do truly appreciate it.it stinks that so many fakes are sold on eBay! i am glad you got your problem resolved.i am definately going to pursue this and go to my poupette.i will refer to those other threads for help too.thanks again.
  4. ^^ absolutely no prob, I got the same support when i had my problem from experienced tPFers, so glad to share the help now!

    good luck.
  5. Definitely file right away! I bought a fake Dior bag when I first started on eBay and the seller tried everything to get out of it. She tried to tell me that I was crazy, that she has a reputable distributor (I said, "Yeah? One that sells fakes? Real reputable!") blah blah blah. She even called my house and *****ed me out at the top of her lungs. But I plugged away with my complaint and I think the final straw was when I pointed out to her that not only did she sell me a fake bag, which is illegal in and amongst itself, she SENT IT IN THE MAIL which makes it a Federal Offense! I then linked her to an online information page that outlined the definition of "Mail Fraud" and also had all the complaint forms that could be filled out online! It was great!!
    Then PayPal made her refund my money and she was worried that I would not send the bag back. I told her, "You're the scumbag, con-artist. Not me. Trust me, you'll get your crappy bag back!". Then I sent a family picture along in the box with a note saying that I just wanted her to have some faces to put with the names of the hard working people she was ripping off!

    It worked out well!:roflmfao:

    Just keep fighting your fight!!!! It shouldn't be too hard to get your money back. But do it now!
  6. OMG what a psycho...I w ould've called the cops...what happened????

    bahasworld, just ring up your store and ask, thats all you can do really, in the meantime thought you should file with paypal regardless...You know she sent a fake bag, and she probably knows it too. Good luck!!
  7. what a psycho loser. glad you got ur money back.

    i already filed a claim with paypal.it hasnt been 45days yet so i did it and listened to the advice here and sent all my photos to my poupette.once its verified as a fake i will let the seller know how she'd like to proceed with this.so....thanks everyone for all your advice/experiences again.wish me luck :smile: i hate the bag now.theres nothing worse to me than walking around with a fake designer bag on your arm:yucky: