i was so shocked :(

  1. i JUST needed to get this out. anyyy thoughts or feedbacks constructive or positive welcomed.


    so today, along with PCE craziness we have regular business as usual.

    i was busy for a while, then i noticed that my cashier was helping a customer and so i kinda jumped in since the store was a bit slow by then.

    the customer was interested in the carryall style and carlys. unfortunately carlys are sold out and we were down to the 598 angora and the 398 camel and the customer, after a series of questions was interested in the carly 10616 in b4/ph.

    of course i tell her it's sold out but even after telling her that it's not orderable through JAX and that NO stores in our area has it she still insist that is "the bag" she wanted.

    my manager just talked about not contacting other stores and telling the customer it's not orderable anymore (true) because coach doesn't want us to 'disappoint' the customers (apparently they complain if the bag isn't there, despite our telling them it's not guarnteed)

    but i forgot, silly me, and did a country wide search (all over USA basically) and i managed, after calling a couple of stores, to locate a carly that CAN be sent (new stores can't, it's a policy) in b4/ph!

    do you know how many there are in the US? About less then 15, the rest are most likely misinventory.


    we took down the customer's info on the special order form and she left, instructing us to call her with the "total" and wanted me to try my best to waive the shipping fee.

    Long story short, I called, faxed the form, the whole nine yards and convinced the other store to waive the fee (for phone orders it's pretty strict) and got a confirmation that the bag is going to be packed and shipped that very day.

    Because of PCE and the customer flow, I managed to get it confirmed right before my shift ended, and I left it to my cashier to call her back and when she did with the total (include tax that i calculated)

    she said that the customer interrigated (sp) her! and was wondering why the bag was over 500$ when she thought it was 398$?! but she tried the angora on and knew that was 598?!

    There wasn't even a thank you, fine, but there's no need for attitude. the shipping was waived so if there are any issues you can always return and there is no loss since the shipping was 0.

    on the bright side i was pleasantly surprised when one of my customer stopped by with godiva chocolate biscuits! =9 i love chocolate.
  2. {{{{Whitney}}}} I used to work retail, I feel your pain. You will be rewarded somehow, I believe in Karma....that customer however...well, I won't say much!! But she has Karma coming to her too!
  3. Wow, So sorry ms-whitney that you had to put up with that. My SA always tries the hardest to find me something and whether she can or not I always appreciate everything she does.

    No, she shouldn't have treated you or the other ladies in your store that way. :sad: Especially after all you did to help her find that bag.

    Well I for one appreciate everything you do! So don't let her get you down. :smile:
  4. thanks coachnut and pompilit!

    it's just i'm used to nice customers who are friendly and smiling.

    i really wanted to call her and ask politely if there was anything wrong with our service.
  5. You would LOVE me as a customer, ms whitney!:yes:
    I ALWAYS say thank you and tell the manager how pleased I am with (SA's name) help.

    There will always be the rude, demanding ones out there, i guess!:cursing:

    I just orderd from Copley Place in Boston. They shipped my items FREE and I received my order in ONE DAY! Now THAT'S service!:yes:
  6. Oh Ms. Whitney, I'm so sorry!!! Big hugs. And I echo Coachnut - what goes around comes around - for both of you!! I always feel like I can't say thank you enough!
  7. :p i wish! people like you are the best!!!!!! thoughtful is definitely a plus on top of a thank you!

    i bet Copley loves you as well! :smile: if you're ever in SF let me know!
  8. Some people are impossible to please. I know several people who are this way. You can bend over backwards and do a cartwheel for them and nothing will ever be good enough. It had nothing to do with your service, ms-whitney. It had everything to do with her.

    I am so sorry for what you had to deal with!
  9. :smile: i never thought of it that way. thank you for your kindness!

    i actually had an awesome day. lol. what a way to end it huh?
  10. i cant believe that you did sooo much for her and she can turn around and give some attitude...that is so upsetting!!! it just goes to show that you are a great SA and will go above and beyond any expectations that somenoe has. love you (and all the coach insights that you give us) ms-whitney!
  11. Just be glad she wasn't your first customer of the day!
  12. :heart: customers like you batgirl!

    everyone has just picked me up from being floored today!

    LOL and yes mokoni i'm glad she wasn't. =] the best way to start a day is with a great customer, kinda picks the ball up and keeps it going.
  13. Oh! I'll be in SF in late April - do you work at the one on Post?
  14. icky icky horrible!! :sad: at least you got some yummy chocolates. mmm.
  15. Hey, I bet those Godiva made the trick! Cheer up, there is people and then there is people!!