I was so obsessed with bags I needed a reminder that DIAMONDS are a girl's BFF!

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  1. Yesterday my DH (Nike Golf on TPF) was irritating me so I sent him golfing with my dad. While he was away he sent me a text saying he wanted to go to my favorite mall when he came home to get me something. In my mind I was thinking I was going to get the Louis Vuitton Koala Wallet in Amarante that I had been lusting over forever.

    Well, he ended up coming home late and without the milk and diapers I told him to get on his way home. Irritated, I told him that I wanted to just stay home. He insisted and so we were off to my favorite mall. Once we got there I set off to look at the new Tokidokis at Lesportsac and my hubby took off. Since I was expecting him to be in LV I started walking toward the boutique. We met up but I didn't see any big brown bag in his hand. Yet again irritated, I told him I wanted to go home. When we got home I went straight to bed.

    This morning in bed he leaned over and asked if I was awake. He said he had something for me. I was wondering how he had hid my wallet from me and was waiting for him to pull out a small brown box. Instead he handed me a little jewely box. He said it was an early Anniversary present (our anniversary isn't until December) and when I opened it I was shocked to see a micro-pave diamond band.

    Much better than LV! Nike Golf, if you read this, you're the BOMB honey! XOXOX

    Here are some pics of my new bling along with my older bling.

    1st pic:
    Top:Micro Pave Band (2 year wedding anniversary)
    Bottom: Eternity Ring: Wedding Band

    2nd pic:
    Top: Ering
    Bottom: Christian Bauer Band (1 year anniversary)

    3rd pic:
    All of them together

    ***Don't mind me rings, its about time I go to my jeweler to get them buffed, cleaned, shined...just no time to do so!
    IMG_3305.JPG IMG_3312.JPG IMG_3323.JPG IMG_3321.JPG IMG_3315.JPG
  2. Your DH needs to irritate you more often!!! LOL! Very pretty ring!! Congrats on your "early" 2nd anniversary!!
  3. Beautiful RG :smile: That was so sweet!
  4. SO PRETTY!!!!! congrats on the new diamonds ;)
  5. wow! that's worth being on a total ban for. very pretty :tup:
  6. THanks guys...the ring is like Amarante, hard to photograph but looks stunning in the sunlight! LOL
  7. i could only imagine what it would look like in the sunlight. what a beautiful reminder that a girl's best friends are diamonds. no kidding.
    your husband is the sweetest, as somebody said above, your husband should irritate your more often ;) good things come when irritation takes way. hehe.
  8. Wow, I love it!
  9. Thanks all for the compliments. I am surprised at how comfortable the pave band is. It feels really good on my finger.

    I am trying to figure out what combo to wear them. I am a big fan of the whole Tiffany Celebration look of stacked rings. I've been trying them on in different combos and haven't settled yet. My fingers are a little swollen from being in my last trimester of pregnancy so they look a little weird.
  10. Ooooh your DH is really sweet! Waiting for mine to be a little romantic....
    Anyway love your new ring! All your ring are gorgeous. You're really lucky.
  11. Wow - what a sweetie your DH is! Lovely ring! Congratulations!

    AND you got one for your 1st and 2nd anniversary's WOW - I've had to wait until my 10th anniversary (this July) to get any!!!! It had better be worth waiting for thats all I can say!!!
  12. wow, your pave ring is gorgeous!! I love it. Congrats! Your hubby is a sweetheart.
  13. I think the upside down smiley is appropriate, :upsidedown: as that is pretty much me after falling off my chair after seeing your gorgeous bling!

    I must say, NG is a keeper! :tup:
  14. wow congrats :biggrin:
  15. That ring is gorgeous! Congrats and Happy Early Anniversary!