I was snubbed at Neimans

  1. I am really upset about this.:rant: I wear my black togo Trim 31 with gold almost daily and I do own a black clemence Birkin 30 with palladium and other Hermes bags. Anyway, I was in the Hermes area of Neiman Marcus in Troy, MI and the SA/manager said "hi" to me and then all of a sudden a woman with her hubby and her black clemence 35 Birkin with gold hardware came into the deparment and the SA said "Oh I love your bag!!" - I am so upset because I was carrying my black Trim and she said nothing like that to me. I have carried other Hermes bags near her, including my black clemence 30cm Birkin, and she never said "boo". Do I have to carry a 35cm Birkin to be noticed? I think I need the largest Birkin made and hit her with it!:mad:

    Also, while having lunch there today I noticed another woman with her 35 black Birkin with gold hardware and it bothered me...I don't know why because I have bags. Maybe I need to buy a black 35 with gold hardware? I'm really confused and upset and nervous.:sad: I think a 35 Birkin really says "hello"...do you agree? I have always been incognito with my bags and I think the Birkin thing is driving me crazy!!:sick:
  2. Which SA was it? The tall one with the frizzy hair?

    Don't get a birkin just to please anyone but yourself! A 35 is fantastic, but only of YOU love it! In the end, that is all that matters!
  3. Hi Jag!! You are soooo funny!! Yes, the one with the frizzy hair...I forgot her name, but I don't like her that much. You are right about pleasing myself with this craziness. I can't wait till you get your Birkin!!
  4. :lol: haha your funny, she probably didn't notice our bag. Be easy, We Love You and your bags!!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart: some love for you :heart: :heart: :heart:
  5. Me too!

    That SA was really cold to me once as well. But the last time I was there, she was really nice! You just need to go in there like you mean business. I am happy to meet you there and go together! We can go talk to Lisa and then walk over there-she won't be rude if Lisa or the manager is around! Trust me!
  6. Lovehermes...... If you REALLY want something that says "hello" maybe you need that humungous 40cm Black Birkin I saw today at the H store in San Fran! I swear that thing was GIGANTIC! And then, you take that bag and whack that SA over the head with it....:smash:
  7. Definitely don't worry about a snotty sales girl, YOU OWN the bag She
    sells the bags.....keep the perspective and smile!
  8. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: I love this!
  9. Jag...thanks for offering to go with me. I think I'd be ok if that lady wasn't there. I usually have Faith help me. She was off today and she works on the third floor. I'd like to meet you there anyway cause it would be tons on fun!!
    shopmom...you are too funny!! I need a big Birkin to slap several people around a little!!
    Chloe...you are so true! Thanks!
  10. :lol: :roflmfao: :lol: :roflmfao: :lol:
  11. It's a date! We will definitely have a Somerset outing one of these days! It will be so much fun!
  12. Love to too!! The black Bolide was gone but they had I think Berania/toile 37cm Bolide with silver. Beautiful. But what's up with all the Bolides in that store? I think you'll get your Birkin soon because it looks like Hermes has more activity these days!!:yes:
  13. LOL about the Birkin 40. NO ONE would be able to ignore that one.

    But, I think I'd ony be able to carry one for about 20 minutes before keeping over from the weight!!

    lovehermes, your bags are fabulous. No need to buy anything else that you don't totally adore. :smile:
  14. Aw..thanks Greentea!!
  15. what about getting a tiny 25cm neon orange shiny croc birkin with diamond encrustd hardwar. then you´ll see size does not matter (well atleast not for bags :angel: )
    serious you must be happy with your bag and when a size 30 is pefect for you and your frame it is fabulous and belive me a size 40 birkin is a tent you can sell you house and live in it - well then you´ll definately won´t be overseen :idea:
    please don´t take it personally she is a just a clerk at the end of the day the birkins sit in your closet