I was sent the wrong bag!!! *sobsss*

  1. I had to share this with you guys. Please cry with me!

    So I ordered an Anthracite City from Let-Trade. Today I got a package and inside was a BLACK City from 2006 F/W in WORN condition!!! There are some scratches on it and the tassels on the front zipper are so worn, they look like wet hair dangling from the zipper! :sad: :sad: I am so SO disappointed.

    I've already e-mailed Let-Trade and told them the situation and from what I hear on tPF, they've got a good rep. But still, I can't help but be really sad because I'm afraid they may have sent someone else MY bag. :wtf:
  2. Oh no! Hope you get this fixed- LT seems to be pretty understand from what I've heard.
  3. I'm so sorry!!!!!! Big hugs to you!!! :heart:
  4. Aw that's frustrating, I hope everything works out!
  5. oh no! :cursing: don't worry about it, LT will get it fixed! :yes:;)
  6. Horrors - I can feel your anguish! Keeping my fingers crossed for a swift solution.
  7. So sorry to hear that that's really frustrating, hope it works out quickly!
  8. *big hugs* i hope this gets sorted out. let us know what happens.
  9. oh no!! :sad: I hope you are able to return it!
  10. Yikes! G/l!
  11. Oh no! I hope they will fix the problem!!!! That is awful! LT does have a good reputation...so I'm sure it will all work out!
  12. Thanks for your comments girls, I appreciate it!

    Just to update, I e-mailed them and at first they thought they had just described the color wrong and they'll refund me. Then they e-mailed saying they realized what happened. The bags were accidently switched between me and another buyer. So they said for me to ship back the bag and they've asked her to do the same. But my concern is, she might like my bag better and not want to ship back!! So I just e-mailed back asking them to make sure she's sent it back already (tracking # or something) before I do because I don't want to lose out on TWO bags.
  13. ^^So you want to keep the black City that you have anyway if the other person doesn't return her item back to LT?
  14. so sorry to hear that. hope it turns out okay for you and your anthracity........
  15. Yes, if we can work something out as this one is not in as good condition as the Anthracite is. But that's only if she absolutely won't return it, which I hope she will.