I was scammed on Poshmark

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  1. I clicked purchase on a Coach bag I saw on PM. Paid through Paypal. The shipping label was received by the seller, but they did not send it for several days. It was supposed to have originated in CA, but the first scan was in the USPS distribution center 10 miles from my home, slated for delivery Friday.

    On Friday I got a text notice of delivery, but when I came home...no package!

    Saturday I called my very small local PO and spoke to the postmaster about my problem. SHe was concerned that it was stolen. I had my neighbor check her video but she saw nothing and nobody.

    Today, I asked how much this package weighed and was told it was 5 lbs, and it was insured. Well, guess what...she pulled the item image from the dist center down the road. The scammer changed the address to my next door neighbor and changed my name to Current Resident. It was a plain old flat envelope. Containing what, I don't know. Either they gave it to the postal carrier today or they had already thrown it out.

    I've filed reports with Poshmark and Paypal. This sounds like mail and wire fraud to me. I bet nothing gets done about that, but I better darn well get my money back. I am new to PM and TPF so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong place.
  2. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for sharing and making us aware of this scam. I have no idea how this can be solved, but I hope you get the resolution you deserve. I stopped by for moral suppor and to say welcome to TPF :smile:
    Hope lots of people here will point you in the right direction. All the best.
  3. I'm so sorry this happened to you! You may want to re-post this in the eBay forum or ask a moderator to move it there. There are some very knowledgeable TPFers on that forum who will have advice for you.
  4. You've filed the right claims, so just have to see what they present as your next steps.
  5. Paypal denied my claim, due to the tracking showing the package was delivered. I called them and the opened an appeal which placed the funds back on hold. My local post office is providing the image scan of the altered label with the wrong address and name, and if Poshmark shows the label as they generated it, it should be open and closed. The automated system I spoke with told me the seller's name...
  6. Damn this sucks to have happened to you.
  7. that's terrible....I have no advice but you may want to post on the ebay subforum.....lots of experience there
  8. I'm sorry this happened. It is a shame that one buys something and is tricked and robbed of their money. I would persist until you are victorious otherwise this low life scammer will win. After you get your money back, block that seller on Poshmark so you never have to deal with them again. Maybe even call Poshmark to complain. I hope it all works out for you.