I was saving for a Birkin but...


Nov 1, 2009
I finally had the courage to into my local Hermes boutique yesterday. I was very nervous because the last time i was there was many years ago and I was treated very badly. So I decided to walk in i felt at ease as soon i i walked in the store. I am 17 and have been saving for a birkin for many years, but when I saw the Lindy I completly changed my mind. I had a great SA who showed me the exact Lindy I wanted he even went back and got the perfect one. I was high on Hermes when he broughtout that perfect big orange box I was in love:love:. I was in heaven. My mother who thinks I am Hermes drunk even like the Lindy too. She always said the Birkin was too mature for me and the Lindy she said it was classy,casual, and age appropiatte. My mother isnt a big Hermes fan she only wears Ferragamo and it meant alot to me that she loved the Lindy as Much as I did. I have been desperte for a new bag and I was getting pretty annoyed that no matter how much i saved i never had enough for the birkin, but all the other bags I saw i didnt love! But the Lindy I more than love it. I am going to be getting it in 30cm black ghw in clamence. I am giving it to myself on my 18th birthday which is in 87 days!!!! I cannot wait. Plus the SA was amazing!!! i am really excited to have found the one!!:yahoo:


Dec 30, 2009
ahhhhh fabulous!! i'm 16, and i looooove hermes! the lindy is pretty cute, but i will always love the birkin!


Nov 1, 2009
I didnt get it yet. I am getting it in 87 days i want o make my birthday special. Trust me it took everything in me not to get yesterday but i really want to wait for my bday


The Orange Wiggle
Oct 13, 2006
Congrats!! The Lindy would be a gorgeous 18th birthday present for yourself. The Lindy is chic and daring. It's definitely a great choice because I agree with your mum that it suits young ladies like you more than the Birkin.

Wow but you are only 17 and have been at Hermes many years ago and have been saving for your Birkin for many years!!! You sure start early barbie444! :smile:


Nov 15, 2009
barbie444 you have made a wonderful choice, your mum is right, young women seem overdressed with Birkins and Kellys, your Lindy will look very elegant and special on you, you can wear it in different styles playing with the handles. Again, you have made the right decision.. there will come many Birkins in your life!!! Share pics when you get your beautiful Lindy and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance :drinkup::Partyhat:


Jan 10, 2009
How exciting for you Barbie444! :happydance: Your bag-to-be sounds absolutely perfect for you and this time in your life -- I know you'll love it to bits. And at the risk of sounding condescending, I just want to say how impressed I am that you are saving and buying the bag for yourself! I am astounded at how rare that's become these days (at least in my little corner of the world)...

You will cherish and enjoy it all the more!

Congrats and be sure to post pics in 87 days!
You will have a very happy birthday! I'm much older (as in older than the trees) and very recently acquired my first Lindy. It's a great bag. Understated, smooshy, yet elegant.
On another note, I laud you for being able to delay gratification at your age. It's a highly underrated virtue and one that will take you far in life.