I was rudely awoken this morning


Jan 31, 2008
By my postman with my new EW choco Bayswater!
7am is a bit early, non?

Anyway, I am thrilled with the new bag and have been wearing it around the house all morning! :love:
It is a really good size and perfect for when I don't want to lug a larger, heavy bag around. Having said that, I am really happy I did not go for the Ledbury because it would have been much too small for me. I did get the EW for the same price as a Ledbury though! :yahoo:

Also, the postage was a total rip off! Charged £20 and the postage was only £8.25! Bit cheeky, but the bag was on sale I suppose!

I will post pics later and look forward to seeing Jo and Maple's new bags today too! :nuts:


Sep 20, 2008
Oh wow, talk about early, geesh, mind you at least it frees up your day a bit to get out and about if you wanted to.

Congrats Keri, looking forward to the modelling pictures. LOVE IT that you are already wearing it.

Actually I think it's poor form on Sinclairs behalf regarding the postage, most companies do slightly overcharge but that's excessive in my opinion.

I missed the postman by 5 mins this morning when out with DH, I guess I'm making a trip to the post office today to get it, I can just see me juggling a huge mulberry box and a pram down the street with my baby girl yelling herself hoarse (she's recently learnt she can yell, great!).

Well done Keri, sounds like you love it and I'm really pleased you do.


Jan 31, 2008
Oh no!
I know I would already be up at the PO if it were me. You could always rip the box open and carry the bag home! Frees up your hands anyway!! :nuts:

I am sure that you will love your bag as much as I love mine. Really, the oak Bayswater is just a fantastic choice and seems to be really popular!

Now remember....someone please :bagslap: if I even consider buying another bag this year!!!!


Sexy Lexy .
Sep 30, 2008
If it was a mulberry i would have had a ear out from 6am. she sounds a winner. funnny i was thinking choccy today.

Is it just me or is the post getting later here in the UK ? mine didnt come till gone 12pm yestereday, and if its the stand in guy its well after 1 pm:sad:.

Due to the fact i Live out in the sticks we only get one delivery a day.


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
Congratulations!!! Nicer way to be woken up than by noisy bin men like we get around here!!!

Awww,it sounds lovely!! Modelling pics?? Pretty,pretty please when you get time?? I know you are crazy busy with packing and stuff though.


Dec 13, 2006
Glad you're so pleased with it :tup: Are you dying for a little keyring now? I find my EW looks so bare but am finding it hard to commit to a keyring :Push:

I would be a bit peeved about the delivery charge, too. Nothing to stop a cheeky phone call expressing your surprise :P Unless the £20 covered free returns, they really should refund you a tenner, I'd have thought.

OT, but just had a look at your sig - you sold your choco Elgin?? :wtf:
May 7, 2007
I'm glad you are pleased with your new bag Keri and I'm actually also pleased that you didn't go for the Purple Ledbury because I think you would have regretted it. I got the feeling that you were after it because you couldn't really find the bag that you wanted but you felt the need to buy a new bag.

Anyway, with the Postman arriving early, at least you don't have to wait around wondering when your bag will arrive!