I Was Robbed

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  1. OMG!!!!!!! I WAS ROBBED.:crybaby::sad:
    Ok I have storage unit its small because I couldn't bring everything with me when I moved back home with my mom. So I had to put alot of my stuff in there including some of my Coach bags and other bags. So one day I went to the storage to get some bags and as I went to close it my son wanted to lock it for me. So I let him and he bent the key trying to take the key out. So I got it out but it broke so I had to call a locksmith the next day. He came and cut the lock off and I paid him he left I went to go buy another lock to put on the storage and came back to the storage and they were closed. I went back the next day and they were gone all the bags that I had in there. From Coach (wristlets and mini skinnys),Chanel,Balenciga, Chloe, LV,Dooney & Burke,Ralph Lauren,Miu Miu and other random handbags that were not designer bags. I had 1 Gucci in there and they didnt get that Thank GOD! and the very first Coach I my mother bought me from when I was 14.But they did leave some other bags that I use when I go out. I was crushed and I wanted to cry but the tears wouldnt come out.I was just sick for the rest of the day. Now I have to start all over. Out of all the Coach bags I had like 14 I now have 3 left and 3 wristlets and 3 mini skinnys and 4 keyfobs. And they took a few of my shirts and 2 pairs of shoes and my Hello Kitty bank that I got for X-mas. But im doing better now. I just bought 2 Ergos and another wristlet.
  2. Oh my gosh! That's terrible! Does the storage facility have any cameras or anything to try and track down the perp? Or do they offer any insurance for items stored there? That's really terrible and I can't believe people do these sorts of things!
  3. That's horrible!! People suck. Did you have insurance?
  4. The storage states they arent responsible for your items if they are stolen.They have to retrive the tape for me. And I didnt have any insurance that was my ignorance but I got some now. Because I still have furniture in there.
  5. I am SO sorry! I can't believe they aren't responsible--I would think they would hold at least some liability since its their property?!
  6. Oh my god! I am so sorry! I can't believe some people!. I hope you can catch that dirty thief!
  7. Thats terrible. Sorry this happened to you.
  8. That's so horrible. ((hugs))
  9. That's awful! It seems kind of fishy to me too-the fact that the thieves just happened to be there the one night that you didn't have it locked up. Seems like they got a tip off from someone imho.
  10. Thats exactly what I thought. Thats why im waiting on the tape from their cameras.
  11. I am so sorry!!!!
  12. :hugs:So sorry this happened! Definitely let us know what happens with this dirty thief.
  13. OMG!tts just terrible...u must be feeling totally upset...thats a lot gone there..really sorry to hear this..hope ur feeling better sweets..and hope that stupid thief rots!!
  14. Pursefreak25, I know how you feel as I've had this happen as well. We had a storage unit while we were having an addition put on our house, and the thieves broke the lock. They got a beautiful dining room set, 2 bicycles, a train set, among other items. Actually, the took everything but boxes marked 'family photos'. We're sure it was an inside job. These places accept no responsibility for theft, and regular homeowner's insurance doesn't cover it since it's considered permanent off-site storage. I felt so violated!
  15. OMG that is horrible!! My old hair dresser had someone rob her house and take all her bags as well...I don't understand what is wrong with people these days!!