I was robbed while shipping!

  1. Yesterday I went to the post office to timely ship my three sold eBay items...two Hayden-Harnett bags and a pair of Tory Burch shorts. I ususally go in the morning but I was stuck in waiting for the phone company. Well...I saw this rather well dressed man looking at me and I was wondering why he wasn't doing any postal buisness. On my way out, another man blocked my exit claiming he was looking for something. I should have know right then but I was getting a little scared because I could not get out. All of sudden, he let the door go and my bag felt lighter...wallet gone! The first guy was apparently behind me and slipped his hand right into my Pranda bag and took my Prada wallet. I realized it quickly but they were long gone. I am so angry and sad...everything was in that Prada wallet, even my s.s. card, all credit cards, and personal pics, etc. Even the card from the flowers my husband sent me on our wedding day almost 20 years ago. Had police here, calling all the c.c. companies but now I have to worry about identity theft too. So upsetting. Word of advice: don't carry everything in your wallet...just what you need for the day and don't carry you s.s. card with you. Big/huge mistake on my part. This happened in NYC ladies..please be alert fellow New YOrkers esp. in the post office. It was an obvious set up from the moment I walked in.
  2. OMG! That happened to me too, but in a H&M store. Everything gone, new Versace wallet with buttery cream leather, all CCs, IDs, money, etc.
    Hang in there, cancel the cards and call the police as well as your insurance company! Good luck!
  3. Omg, thank goodness they didn't harm you or anything like that. Sorry to hear about what happened to you. Some people just are total *******. I really hope the police catch them and you are able to recover something. *huggles*
  4. so sorry to hear this! don't they usually have cameras at a post office? hopefully they will catch the bums!
  5. Thanks for your words of support. Unfortunately there are no cameras at this particular post office according to the police. I am really angry at myself for not seeing this coming...I had a feeling about this guy and kept wondering what he was doing in the post office. I guess they saw the big Prada logo on the bag and pegged me as soon as I walked in. And I thought I was a savvy New Yorker...
  6. So sorry this happened to you!
    Thank god you weren't harmed.

    We all need to be very careful of our surroundings.
  7. Thanks...it didn't occur to me initially that they could have hurt me. It was a definite team operation and they were very smooth. They could have just as easily stabbed me in the back..literally. Although I live in NYC I live in a very quiet, residential part of town where all shop owners know everyone, etc...my older daughter walks around alone...now I am scared to even do that.
  8. kalodie1:

    I am in NYC too and in the PO alot. Can you tell us which one it was so we can be on the alert.

  9. I can't believe that the Post office doesn't have CCTV? Are they insane? I would double check that personally, I think that's a bit iffy :S
  10. My heart goes out to you as I have been robbed as well - in Paris by women who looked, to me, like any college student. Made me much more aware.

    Please tell us which PO it was - a family friend works for USPS and she said they would take a crime on Federal property very seriously. If they *aren't* taking it seriously, I definitely would like to know about it.
  11. I'm so sorry that this happened to you.
  12. I feel so sorry for you. It sounds strange that they don't have any cameras at that PO.
  13. Hi everyone...the post office in question is Cherokee Place on York Ave. btw. 78/79 ST. I was with the police when they contacted the local precinct detective and they confirmed there is no camera. There is also no security there and when I told the woman who works the floor she was really indifferent and offered no help at all...not even to call the police. I instantly called my husband first who started calling the c.c. companies and then I called my local precinct. They suggested I go home instead of waiting at the po and keep calling the card companies but to first call 911. The police came over to take my statement in about two hours. I also had my Mother's c.c. in there which I have signing privleges on...so I had to track her down to cancel her card and guess what...thieves had already charged 600.00 at Macy's to her card...within a half hour of the robbery. Also...FYI...we have card registry/protection from Amex and they really dropped the ball. Took them over an hour to contact all the other companies which I also ended up calling...I got to some before they did. Big nightmare but I have to say that having the support here is really making me feel better...thanks for all.
  14. Oh no, this is horrible. I hope it gets resolved soon.
  15. Such a horribile feeling! My house was robbed 17 years ago. A real horror.

    Theives usually go straight for money and cc's. Than dump the wallet in the nearest garbage can. You can check with whomever retreives the garbage in that area. The bags are usually clear and someone may spot your wallet.

    Thankfully you weren't hurt. Good Luck.