I was robbed. Some of my Chanel is gone forever :(

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  1. I don't think this is paranoid at all. You have a HUGE collection that also includes RTW. I would have as much security as possible.

  2. Thanks. They did terrorize two out of the three pets. Our dog Cody went to the bathroom all over the living room and was hiding up against a corner when DH came home. One of our cats stayed under the bed for two days. He wouldn't come out. When I finally got him out with treats, he ran away from the window they came through and followed us around the house for another two days. It terrified them too.

  3. Oh my gosh, that's awful, I'm so, so sorry to hear that. Glad to hear you and DH are OK, but awww, your poor precious pets :sad: Thanks so much for the tips, Sabrina and I hope you'll recover soon from this terrible tragedy :hugs:
  4. sorry this happened to you.:hugs:
  5. Thank god you are safe, that is all that matters babe.
  6. Oh no! I'm sorry this has to happen to you. I am glad you and your husband and safe and that you still have your bags. I don't have a safe but I have been contemplating about getting one from the get go. I didn't know insurance or homeowners insurance can cover expensive items you own. I will definitely have to look into that. Do you know some of the details about this insurance like they cover luxury items for you? Thank you for the tips. -hugs-
  7. really sorry to hear this! this is horrible! but most importantly, at least you and your DH are fine.
  8. Omg they tormented your pets too?! What the hell is wrong with people! I agree with another member here that they are going to hell for this and breaking into your home! People can be such horrible monsters.
  9. so sorry this nasty people got your valuable stuff...but at least you are safe...and thats all matter..
  10. This is a good advice, thankx.
  11. Bri,, so sorry that this happened but fortunately, you, DH and your dear pets are all safe and unhurt.. chin up ok?
  12. OH I am so sorry this happened to you..my stomach is in knots!!! We do have a security system...and now I am really glad we have it...these days I think we all are more vulnerable for theft than ever before..people are desparate out there...man...I hope you are calming down and making progress at getting back to 'normal'...HUGS!!!!!
  13. I'm sorry this had happened to you. At least you, your DH and chanels are still okay. As for the thieves, karma will get them. Stay strong!
  14. Sorry that this happened to you... but the important thing is that you and your family is OK. Definitely get an alarm system! And thanks for the tips of securing chanel items... I usually "kind of" hide the boxes too (my purses are in the box) since I have ppl come clean my house each week.
  15. Oh no, I am sorry to hear that :sad: