I was robbed. Some of my Chanel is gone forever :(

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  1. Hey Bri, I just can't believe that happened but am grateful that you and your hubby are ok and that you still have your bags! So glad you have an alarm now!
  2. thank you Bri for sharing this , my prayers go out to you and your family. I am going to get cameras installed now and hooked up to the alarm company and also will install motion detectors in our studio (bottom floor where all of my purses and shoes are displayed) I'm getting this done asap!!!
  3. sorry to hear such heart ache incident. thanks for your advice. i was thinking of getting insurance for house burglary and after hearing this, think have to give it a serious thought...
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, and thanks for sharing your story with us.
  5. Sorry to hear that this happened to you...my husband and I were robbed, when we were first married. Back then we didn't have much, but it was still a horrible experience and I felt so violated that people had gone through my drawers looking for things. Back then, I only had costume jewelry but they stole things that had a lot of sentimental value. I hope they catch whoever did it. It makes me more determined to change a walk in closet into a "lock down" safe!
  6. Omg, Sabrina, I am SO sorry for your loss! :hugs: I know the chances may be slim, but I really hope they catch the jerks who did this. I'm really glad your bags are safe and sound. The precautionary measures you listed are ones we should all take into account. I was half kidding when I asked a handy man/friend of ours to put a keypad lock on my walk in closet and was overjoyed when he actually did it)... you really can never be too safe.
  7. Sabrina, sorry to hear what happened to you. I hope those thieves get caught! I probably would have gone insane if I found out if my most precious items got stolen. Thanks for sharing your story and wonderful tips. Take Care.
  8. Oh my god, I'm so sorry for what happened to you. I'm sure this is a painful experience but look on the positive side that your family is safe :smile: Just look forward to the new things that chanel will be coming out with.
  9. Thanks for the hugs!

  10. Thanks. We are going to up the insurance for jewelry. Didn't have enough to cover all the jewelry taken. But the shoes, perfume, and misc stuff will be covered. The also took my digital camera, ipod, and some of DH's Navy stuff.

  11. Yes, you should get a security alarm. I never knew how necessary they are. The police said anyone who collects any type of luxury goods should have one. The neighbors can see if you bring home a bunch of bags from nice stores. Although a lot of my stuff gets shipped, somehow people know.

  12. Yup, it's not just celebrities anymore. I think with the economy being so bad probably makes it worse. I think all TPFers should be careful since we all love luxury items whether it be bags, shoes, jewelry, clothes, these are all things that got stolen from me (except for the bags thank God.) They didn't find them.

  13. The alarm system was installed yesterday. We have motion detectors, alarm system on the doors/windows, plus an extra device that sounds off the alarm if glass breaks just in case they decide to literally break in. It is one of the monitored systems too. We set the alarm off on purpose tonight to see how the company handled it and they did great. They called DH within a minute and told us they were calling the police. DH told them it was us that set it off and were just testing the system. So things are safer now.

  14. sending you warm virtual {{{{{hugs}}}} and good vibes dear :flowers:
  15. This is exactly what the claims adjuster said. Luckily I have pics of all the Chanel jewelry that was taken (from doing my reveals on TPF.) No receipts but pics worked out fine. Also had pics of the shoes too. Didn't have pics of everything, but the insurance gave this advice as well. So from now on, every piece of jewelry is going to get photographed and the receipt kept. Our insurance covered everything except the jewelry. We didn't realize there was a cap on jewelry. Everything else falls under personal property which we had more than enough insurance for. So we just have to take out a special rider on any fine jewelry pieces I get in the future. Thank God I had my wedding rings with me.