i was really hoping i wouldn't like it...

  1. so my local Nordstrom has started carrying every concievable chloe incarnation and i have officially fallen in love with the small paddy. my heart MUST have one in that lovely dark chocolate color or the pretty dusky blue RIGHT NOW, although my brain is telling her it is ridiculous to spend more on a PURSE than i did on my first car. :smile:

    paddy owners (or anyone really): talk me into or out of saving up for this. are they well made? do they hold up to wear well? does the leather get beat up easily or does it age gracefully? do you all think it's going to be something i can wear for a while, or is it totally going to date itself in two years? if i don't save for this, i'll continue saving for the keepall 50. cost per wear, paddy makes more sense because i would use it more...but i am still in love with speedy, and am not really a purse changer. i would probably only use the keepall 3 times a year tops.

    what do you all think?
  2. GO PADDY! I pretty much thought it would be dated after one season, and it's still here and I still love it. It's a great bag, the leather is durable. And besides, if someone tries to mug you, you could give them unconscious with one smack of the bag. How many bags will commit that level of self-sacrifice for you?

    Some people have had issues with the lock, but mine has been pristine. I love it... so I guess I'm not much help! :shame: GO PADDY!!!
  3. I vote that you go with the Paddy!
  4. I love the paddy but I do find it to be heavy compared to my LV speedy and Balenciaga Twiggy. I think I purchased it because it is a Chloe classic and needed to be part of my collection.