I was once an LV addict...

  1. I'm new here, but just had to post this. I actually signed up on this blog to discuss my LV love. However, after only being here for a few days, I discovered I'm not a LVer at all. (Poor dh). Since I saw my first Evelyne irl I've drooled over Hermes. Never really thinking I could afford it - probably because I'm an impulse buyer.

    So, I know the perfect H for me right now is a shoulder bag - easy to open and get stuff out. With two boys under two I don't have the patience to fiddle with my bag. Heck, sometimes a zipper is too much.

    I LOVE the Trim bag as well. It's so classic and the shape is fabulous. I really like the hardware on the Lindy. But, I don't want to impulse buy like I used to.

    What is your experience with these bags? Totally a H virgin so please help!!
  2. Welcome kuppusamy!!!!! I Think Many Of Us Can Relate To Being (Or Once Being) An LV Addict:yes:........Hermes Is Just Totally Dreamy!!!!! Evelyne Is Actually One Of The Most Reasonably Priced Bags (& One Of My All-Time Favorites!!!!!).....Please Ask All The Questions & Read Away......So Happy You Are Here:yahoo:
  3. I'm a major fan of the Evelyne. I find it a perfect grab 'n go back for me. For example, today I had to take one of my Malts to the vet. I didn't want to take my Kelly for fear my Malt, Kallie, would scratch it or that it would have some other sort of harm!! So, I loaded up my Evelyne, tossed her over my body and was good to go! Here's a couple pics of the Evelyne. I love having the hands-free option. I added the Breloque charm to lengthen the shoulder strap, which makes it even more comfortable for me to wear.

    My experience is similar to yours. I came to tPF because of my interest in YSL handbags.... drifted over to the H forum and I've been a major H fan ever since!

    Welcome to tPF and to the H forum!


    I love the hands-free option!

  4. OK, I was liking this bag and today said, no, wait and save for a raisin Birkin. But seeing it on you is changing my mind - again! And hey, it helps that Evelyn is my name. No Evelyns in songs but I have always loved the fact that Hermes made a bag named after me!
  5. welcome to the orange side kappusamy :flowers:

    I also just got into Hermes as well. it all started late last year and my first H bag was the evelyne.
    It is very practical and I have carried it with me on overseas trips a few times
    I like the fact that you can use it hands free and it is easy to get in and out of
    an added bonus is that it is easy to pack if I ever need to put it in my luggage to carry another handbag

    I guess my experience with the evelyne got me really hooked on H...now I also have a kelly, a lindy, a picotin and a birkin too :p

    I haven't been able to use my lindy as much as I'd like to (perhaps I should take her out fo a spin this week?:idea:)
    my evelyne and picotin have become my grab-and-go bags

    good luck! you will be hooked...just like the rest of us :girlsigh:
  6. Kallie,
    You always look wonderful. Love the outfit, the dogs and that beautiful evelyne!! Is that a PM or GM?
  7. Thanks bagluv - I'm finding there is a TON of info here! I can't believe all the information...WOW. I can't imagine shopping without the refence here. It'd be so overwhelming. :smile:

    Hi Kalie Girl! I still adore my LVs. :smile:) I just realized I'd be willing to let go of some in order fund a H bag :smile:) And, thanks for the pics! Oh, I totally love the color!!! :drool::drool: Not to mention your adorable dogs!! :heart: So fuzzy, they reminded me of our Alaskan malamute growing up.

    I have a feeling rox_rocks that whatever bag I buy it won't be my last. Every time I open a reveal thread my mouth drops! Even my hubby was drooling over angel's gorgeous yellow croc this evening while trying to help me with my iPod. lol. Hopefully he'll come to the orange side soon!!
  8. I love my LVs, though I have to admit was very interested in the Birkin so I came over to H.
    It has been a fabulous experience, Welcome!

    Kallie Girl: good to see the malts! and you too!
  9. welcome to the dark side of orange....haha

    i am a fan of the evelyn if you are looking for a hands free bag :smile:
  10. Welcome to the orange world!!!! And glad your DH will be getting on board too! :tup: Angel's thread could make anyone a believer :biggrin:

    :kiss: welcome, once again!
  11. Welcome!!
  12. Am so glad to hear that others joined tPF for other designers and have drifted to Hermes. For years I was a big Coach fan then I drifted to LV. While visiting the Hermes boutiques in Selfridges in London and then the one in Dijon, DH says I got that dreamy look and he knew things had changed forever. LOL!!! Unfortunately, by then I had already spent my "addiction allottment" as DH calls it so I came home without an orange box. Will head back to Paris in 7 weeks time and will visit FSH to get the Hermes effect full-on with a new goal of purchasing when we head to NYC in September.

    By the way, kuppusamy, if you are interested in learning more about the history of Hermes and the craftsmanship that goes into their products, I highly recommend Deluxe: How Luxury Lost It's Luster by Dana Thomas. It has some great information!!!
  13. I came to tPF for Chanel and ended up addicted to orange....WELCOME!!!
  14. ck21, thank you! :heart: My Evelyne is a PM2.