I was on the wagon for two months, then...

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  1. It started with a little of this...

  2. Then a little of that...

  3. I thought I was in control, but clearly not. This came along and I HAD to have it:

  4. So much for the wagon. This gorgeous Alyona taunted me, so I gave in. I'm weak for rust colored lining!

  5. And the icing on the addiction cake:


    I've been loving everyone's reveals, so I figured I'd add my latest binge! Hope y'all enjoy.
  6. great additions! your first two wallets are pretty cute and your bags are gorgeous
  7. Haha, you sound like me!! Sometimes when it rains, it pours. All of your additions are so pretty though - very good purchases! Enjoy them!!
  8. Oh I have fallen off that same wagon so many times! You're among friends, we wont judge:yes:

    Wow what an amazing array of colors and items - that PW Venetia is incredible, and I would have fallen off the wagon for that Alyona in a heartbeat. You did good!!
  9. Great scores, H! Love those cute little wallets.
    As addicts, I guess we win some, then we lose some.
    Then we win, win more!:graucho:
  10. Wow... I loooove everything!!! Especially for the gorgeous zip cluch!!!! The color is TDF!! :drool:
  11. Ahaha!

    Yes Roo, you are right! Luckily I was on a pretty good purge spree before I binged. I think I need to purge a little more.

    Thanks belivlien, few and need!
  12. I know you've been selling quite a bit lately -- I figured sooner or later you'd HAVE to replensih your collection! Looks like sooner, rather than later - LOL!:P

    Everything is gorgeous, but I especially love that small quilted wallet. I was looking for something like that a while back, but could never find one anywhere. And you chose the perfect color! And your Emerald ZC!! :nuts: I saw that on ebay and toyed with the idea -- I kept waving my mouse in front of the BIN, trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge!! (I'm actually glad you relieved me of that burden!!)

    Congrats on such beautiful buys -- looks like 2009 is off to a nice start!
  13. Wow! I love everything you bought! The prices for MJ's are so low that it seems a shame not to buy what catches your fancy. I really love your Alyona! Enjoy all your beauties!
  14. woot!! great haul!! i love the emerald zc. where on earth did you manage to find that?? I haven't seen one in forever... at least you fell off the wagon with aplomb. i'm still holding on with the skin of my teeth.
  15. Holy crap, someone has been hoarding some of the most gorgeous things :P. Seriously H, congrats! You've done some major damage there but it's ok, you've been a good girl. You deserve all of it. I would have to say though that black Alyona is STUNNING! Can we get some modeling shots?

    Congrats on all of your new acquisitions! Great job! :tup: