I was offerred $500 to drop him off..then I called the cops.

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  1. #1 Aug 15, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2008
    I was just loading my groceries into my trunk. From the corner of my eye I saw this man watching me then as I am trying to keep doing what I am doing he then approaches me.

    He had a heavy accent and told me he's been in America for *2* days now and he doesn't know where he is. He told me his name which I don't remember what it was since it was an unsual foreign name, and also told me he just came from Leone Africa. He told me some story about how he got a taxi and told the taxi to drop him off at a nearby church so that he can make a $ donation but somehow the taxi just dropped him off there and now he's lost.

    He asked me if I could talk to his friend in the USA and tell her where he is so that he can get picked up.

    He dialed the # on his cell and I talked to the woman, who also has an accent. I gave her the address to the grocery store/plaza where we were at and even gave her directions from Beverly Hills since thats where she said shes coming from. Werid thing is that she didn't even ask me what city he's in. I had to ask her if she wanted to know what city..then she said "oh yes".

    After I was done giving her directions, she asked me if I was familiar with the area which I told her kinda. She then asked me if I knew any nearby churches, I said no. She then asked me if there are any nearby McDonalds around.I told her no McDonalds but there is a Jack In The Box the next block. She then told me how concerned she was for his safety and how she couldn't make it over here to Orange County until another 2 or 3 hours and asked me if I could take him to the nearby Jack in The Box and that he would pay me. I right then told her I couldn't do that and told her that where he's at right now is a very public and safe place. I told her he can wait right here near the grocery store and he will be ok. Once I said no, she then coldly said,"Okay,put him back on the phone."

    When I handed him the phone back, he didn't talk to her right away. He right then and there offerred me $500 cash ( he showed me the 5 $100 bills) to take him to any church nearby. I told him I couldn't do that and told him that I told his friend on the phone EXACTLY where he is and she'll be here to pick him up.

    He didn't say much after that. I don't even recall a thank you. He just walked away and I ran into my car & locked my doors.

    I sat there for a few moments to reacess the situation. The plaza I was in a big plaza. I turned back to see if he was still around and noticed he approached another woman. A few seconds later the woman he approached was on his cell phone just how I was pointing around like she was giving directions. I JUST TOLD THE WOMAN ON THE PHONE EXACTLY WHERE HE IS!

    I drove to the other side of the plaza to camp out as I watch. I then immediately called 911 to report it because I had a really bad feeling. As I was on the phone with 911 operator, a woman from a car behind me came out and was walking towards to go to the man. As she was walking she walked past the front of my car. She looked at me straight in my eye and then turned around and went back into her car and drove off.

    I think that was the same woman that I spoke to on the phone! Why on earth would she freak out and hurry back to her car? From where she was parked, she could definitely have seen me from when I was on the phone with her.I guess she realized I was the last victim.

    Well, I called 911 and told them what happened. I decided to move my car to another spot as I was on the phone with 911 operator. Once I finished my call I didn't see him around anymore.

    I was worried because theres bound to be some sucker out there that would glady take this man to drop him off and God knows what his plan is once you got him in your car!

    Some things that made this man look fishy was because he had NO luggage. Just a small black makeup sized bag with him. Also, if this man was so comfortable with paying a stranger $500 cash to drop him off at the next block, why couldn't he just walk for free?!
  2. ugh definitely sketchy. I hope no one fell for his 'story'
  3. wow....im speechless. Im glad that you didnt take him anywhere. What psychos!!! Why on earth did he offer you $500 when he could have paid this "supposed" taxi driver to take him where he really needed to go! you should have also let the manager of the supermarket know. That is just so freaky.
  4. OMG, that is definitely odd (and scary)!
  5. Creepy! Did you see whether the other woman let him into her car? I sure hope she didn't.
  6. That is the kind of thing you should definitely notify the police about. Good for you for not letting him in the car.

    Someone else will be able to tell how the scam works, glad you are OK!
  7. That's so strange. I'm trying to figure out what their 'game' would be, but I can't really think of anything that makes sense. It does seem like they were trying to scam you somehow though.
  8. Yes I am very curious on what their scam is. Perhaps what he had in that black makeup sized pouch was a GUN!
  9. Unfortunately I didn't see if she took him or not. At this time I was driving around to find another spot to park at.
  10. How scary, hopefully he doesn't hurt anyone.
  11. This sounds a bit like that serial killer who used to carry around a bag of instruments that he used on his victims after they went with him. Glad you got away and called the police! :wtf:
  12. Very strange. I'm glad you're okay. What did the 911 operator tell you to do? Did the police come after that?

  13. Thank you.The operator just took his description and asked what happened. She didn't tell me to do anything. I left and then got curious and came back to drive past the plaza. I saw 2 cops circling the plaza.
  14. I'm so glad you called the cops! That's definitely a ruse to get him in a car with a woman alone. The best case scenario- kidnap and armed robbery. The worst- rape and murder. It's definitely something to worry about. I had a cop tell me that the chances of a woman surviving drops to half if she gets into a car and is transported away from the scene.

    Is there a news bulletin that you can call to tell them about this new scam? It's really dangerous, and I know somewhere out there a woman may end up falling for it.
  15. oh my god...that is really scary! thank goodness you were so smart about it and thus, SAFE. :wtf: