i was offered a direct deal on ebay

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  1. i've only bought a few things on ebay, but this is the first time i've made an offer. this is a reputable seller i've bought from before and they took my offer, but only if i deal direct w/ them and pay w/ paypal. if not, i can go through ebay and pay more to cover their ebay fees. either way i'd pay w/ paypal. i guess my question is if i deal directly w/ the seller, do i still have some protection since i'm using paypal? thanks!
  2. Are they a shop or private seller? I dont hink it is a good idea to deal outside ebay. And the fees are the sellers responsibility and the very suggestion of a buyer paying them is wrong. They could get into trouble with ebay for this..
  3. some but very little protection. If you've dealt w/her before and were pleased I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. If you have dealt with them before with no problem and are going to save, I personally, would.
  5. how big of a difference is the amt ur gonna pay? and i assume u won the item then via ebay?
  6. You still get buyer protection through PP whether its on eBay or elsewhere.
  7. the buy it now was $345 so i offered $275. the seller (a store) countered w/ $295 through ebay or $275 direct deal. it's only $20, but hey, $20 is $20 :lol:
  8. Its not so bad if its a store cos sometimes thay are advertising in various places. Go with your instinct...
  9. PayPal is more reluctant to offer full protection for a buyer if it isn't handled through eBay.

    Don't ask me why, but from what I've seen here on tPF, that's been the experience of many!
  10. thanks for the replies! i think i'm just going to go ahead and pay the extra $20 and go through ebay. :smile:
  11. the only thing you can do w ebay is to leave the sellet neg FB, otherwise, i dont know what they can do for me if something goes wrong.
    as long as you pay w paypal by credit card, you have your back cover.

    i always make offer to seller and ask if they want to do outside ebay and give me little off as they dont have to pay ebay fees. we both can save, why let ebay "earn" the money.

  12. Thats because they own boh. If it messes with there money it's a wrap. I hate them both!

    I am more of a seller and buyers trust me enough to do it all of the time. Trust your insticts, check feedback and with Paypal it's still the same its a payment.
  13. Personally I don't deal with the seller directly paypal or not. I would rather have a safety of eBay and Paypal backing me up for $20.

    Would you be just sending them money thru paypal just as a payment for a service or what?
  14. ^ i think she can pay them through paypal and can still choose "auction goods" and they need to provide tracking number to paypal
  15. Yes Paypal still covers you. Ebay isn't the only online store that uses Paypal. You'd get same coverage as you would through ebay. However in this case, seller is going against ebay rules by selling you the same item he listed on ebay, nothing to do with paypal.