I was obcessing over this lower-end bag

  1. I have an ever growing list of handbags that I want. Most of which are Kooba, Louis, and Begeren. I saw this bag on QVC late one night and then I decided to order it. You can't get it anywhere in this color for some reason. I normally do not care for Kathy Van Zeeland but I totally fell for this bag. The only problem was that it stays on waitlist on the home shopping network and Ebags never has it in "pink".

    Does anybody have this bag too? I'll be the first to tell you that it's not that $$$ and it's sort of tacky to some folks. But I love it. ;)
  2. It is very girlie girlie and if you love it, go for it!
  3. Cute bag! And with QVC you can always return it if you change your mind.
  4. So many dept. stores carry K vZ- have you looked or is this exclusive to QVC?
  5. I love the color! Think of the pink and black outfits you can build around it!
  6. Harrods even sells Kathy Van Zealand.
  7. I think it is very cute! Who cares if it is not that $$$? Enjoy your cute bag when you get it! Macy's has a good selection of KVZ bags, too.
  8. I think she's quite popular in the US. She's sold in dept. stores here in Canada too. If you like it, buy it! Just as you shouldn't buy a bag just because it's a "label" you shouldn't restrict yourself just because it's cheaper.
    There's quite a backlash these days with high end purses. Lots of women are seeking out vintage or lower end purses, just because they want something unique, that doesn't look like something everyone else has.
  9. It's cute.
  10. I like it. It looks really soft too.
  11. This bag is not exclusive to QVC. I found it in a store I never shop at - Belk. I was there picking up some items for my mom who had surgery.
    I normally carry something like the higher end but this one was something I just loved. I'm a pink freak :p
  12. Then it sounds like it is the right bag for you. Kinda cute and fun.
  13. What a cute bag!!!!! I like Kathy Van Zeeland
  14. I'm almost positive I saw this same bag at Dillard's at the BayBrook Mall in Webster, just south of Houston.
    I was there on Saturday and like I said...ALMOST positive!
  15. I had no idea!