I was nuts to second guess my new Black City!

  1. I posted previously w/ pics wondering if my new BC was good enough...... I was INSANE! Many of you advised to carry it a little before I decided if I should keep it or not. I carried her out yesterday and :yahoo: !! The leather relaxed really quickly and all I could think was how did I ever live w/out black? I felt so chic. Thanks for the great advice.
  2. is it an o7? It looked really nice in the pictures!
  3. Dat's gd to hear that....i'm glad it changes ur mind abt ur black city.....:smile:
  4. Congrats! Yes, I remember. You're black CITY is gorgeous!:yahoo:
  5. I knew you would end up loving it!!!!
  6. Yay!! :party: Glad you've grown to love her!
  7. Fantastic!!! Love your bc!
  8. Yea!! :yahoo: I love when I hear things like this - because I do this alot too!! I second guess myself, but then end up falling in love!!
  9. Shasta, I'm glad you changed your mind. My black city is my most versatile bag and what I reach for over and over. It is so cool and chic.