I was naughty... I got the Calcaire Box

  1. I was holding out for a City or Twiggy, but I have so many of these and I think the Calcaire is really pretty in the box. The seller sent me more pictures and it looked so perfect and so pretty, I made an offer and she took it. I am so excited. I have wanted a Calcaire forever!!! :yahoo: 2 older color bbags to arrive this week. WOOHOO!:happydance:
    Here is her picture. More to come when I get this baby.
  2. Please tell me this bag looks ok, and the bales are right. This was a fast choice :yes:
  3. haha, there's no stopping you now. ;) How many bbags do you have now ?
    by the way the calcaire is a gorgeous color in any style...i love that it's a light pink/ cream...very pretty. :love:

    Congrats!~ :yahoo:
  4. Woohoo! I think you made a great choice since you already have a few Twiggys. The leather on that looks TDF! :love:

    Older bags... it's kinda hard to go back once you've had the really good stuff!
  5. Those pics are miniscule!
  6. Too many and not enough. There is no stopping with these bags. Seriously. I don't think i can ever stop hunting, I just wish I wouldn't find so many that I love. sigh...... I am going to think I will sell my rouge though. I don't think I will get that much use out of it and my Mom has one and she isn't going to use it that much so I will borrow hers. I am tired of bags that sit in the closet unused. I feel sorry for them, neglected and all. :crybaby:
  7. yippy, another converted box lover, i've got 2 & they're the best :yahoo:
  8. I know. Some are ok, the ones that she sent me, the ones from the auction won't show up any bigger for some reason. :confused1:
  9. You naughty naughty girl :graucho: just kidding... is calcaire pretty close to white? like an off-white? you must be getting quite a collection together!
  10. Oh okay, I only clicked on the first two. Yep, all looks good! I have never seen that color in person. I sure don't see much pink to it, I thought there was a little more. Regardless, it will be gorgeous.
  11. Yes, it looks good! Congrats!
  12. I love the older for what their characteristics and I love the new bags for theirs. I told you.....totally HOOKED on these bags. :tender:
  13. yep, calcaire has the slightest bit of pink in it... it's very girly and pretty color. It's more cream/off-white with just the prettiest hint of pink....without the small bit of pink/beige color...it'd be another shade of white. I personally love this color. :love:

    you made a great choice Powderpuff! :yahoo:
  14. Just a heads up, she told me she has over 300 items to list so not sure what all she has but she did tell me that she has these: The magenta is already listed and I think I saw another blue one, not sure what color.

    metallic pink medium 05/ sky blue 03 medium/
    ice blue bos/ magenta hobo. All of these are mint never used
  15. gorgeous color...so subtle and classic!! :love: congrats!!