I was made to feel like a complete dork by my co-workers

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  1. Awww SuLi! Don't be offended -- must be a BIG day when tech dudes can call someone else a dork, so give 'em their little moment. Think of it as charity.

    Never been to a comic convention, but dear lordie was I in love with X-Men! Had a decent collection of X-Men comics and I still love my Ultra Fleer '94 & '95 cards. :shame:

  2. :yes: Everything I've read about him says he's amazingly nice. I'd love to meet him. Alas!
  3. Neil Gaiman is definitely going to be there, but not on the day that I am going (next Sunday).

    I don't work in IT, but my office is next door to where our tech guys live in our suite.

    I'm still really excited -- I figure that it'll be really interesting to see the types of people there.
  4. Oh snap...I have worked with IT geeks since 1994 and yep they're a different breed ;). Me & the nerds....:upsidedown:
  5. SuLi, I had to chuckle a little at the title of your thread - Simply because we've all had those "I'm a dork" moments in front of co-workers. I can think of a few examples off the top of my head, most of them have to do with the fact that people will sometimes ask me on Monday mornings what I bought on the internet over the weekend...am I really that bad??? LOL :shame:

    What show is going to be at the convention, may I ask?