I was made to feel like a complete dork by my co-workers

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  1. You know that you're pretty dorky when your company's tech department laughed at you when you told them that you are going to the NY Comic Convention next weekend.

    I had to get that off my chest....I'm a little embarassed, but still excited nonetheless. I'm not particularly interested in comic books, graphic novels, or things in that genre. I'm going because a show that I'm obsessed with is holding a panel there, and I've always thought that these conventions sounded like fun. I was completely thrown by one of the frequently asked questions on the site for the convention that asked if people could bring swords! The site then linked to their weapons policy (apparently, you can only bring weapons fashioned out of wood, foam, and cardboard, so I guess I'll have to leave my crossbow at home ;)).

    But anyway, I'm really looking forward to it, and wanted to know if any of my fellow purse lovers have been to one of these conventions and what they are like. Or, is anyone here planning on going?
  2. I went to a few comic conventions with my ex. He was an artist and loved comic books and everything that went along with them. I'm not into pretty much anything that was there, but there were so many interesting people, and I love people watching.
  3. My friend goes to it every single time! It looks like so much fun that I'd like to go too. I'm sure that the tech guys at your work are just jealous!
  4. I went to tons of comic books/roleplay conventions :yahoo:
    Your coworkers are either jealous or ignorant, and in each case, have fun without caring about their opinion!
  5. Never been to one but I suppose it makes for interesting people-watching! And never mind those IT guys.
  6. Those IT guys are just jealous because the are still living in their parents basement and their Mom grounded them so they can't go! LOL
  7. My husband ALWAYS went to comic cons because, well, he loves comics...and from that befriended the owner of the comic shop in Corvallis. He always helped him set up and run the booth at the comic con and got to meet tons of his favorite artists and writers. He loved it, he hasn't gone to one since he joined the Army, but I think we are planning on going to the big one in San Diego when we can! They have had a big Halo booth there :girlsigh: and I like comics too! Not as much as Jason, but well who does really...
  8. I'm not into comics, but I'd LOVE to go to BlizzCon or DragonCon- and those are much "dorkier" than a ComicCon! Your coworkers just don't know what they're missing!

    I just realized you said you work in a tech department- and in my experience, techies, of all people, understand stuff like this- wow- they all need their geek status revoked or something.
  9. I've never been to one, but I read somewhere that single gals should attend these cause there are plenty of single guys there.
  10. I have been to a couple because a friend of mine was a model for an artist and ended up as a comic book character, don't ask I can't say which one. But anyhow I went to a couple of shows with him and they were a blast!
  11. Blow those nerds off!!! :lol:

    I love to go to them...and Star Trek conventions... and Farscape conventions....

    I have a Spawn #1 autographed by Todd McFarlane that I hold in higher esteem than most people I work with!
  12. I heard Neil Gaiman was going to be there! I'm working this weekend, but otherwise I would try to go, just to see him. :heart:

  13. Oooooohhh he is such a neat guy! We got to talk to him at the National Book Festival a few years ago(he read an excerpt from the then-unfinished Anansi Boys, if that tells you how long ago :smile:), and he was the most gracious, polite, nice author there. I'd love to see him again.
  14. We go to Gencon every year now that it is here in Indy. It's a gaming convention. It's a blast.
    You get to see all kinds of people - which is interesting in itself.

    Have Fun!!!!!
  15. Ooh, sounds so cool!! :P I always wanted to go to one of those conventions!! I went to a Barbie Convention once at Disney Land and it was SOOOOOO fun!! :P