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  1. hello All,
    So this is one of my Hermes stories... I went to get my bachelor degree this morning at 8 a.m. and I was back at home at 11:30, I went to sleep, and no not because I am lazy it is because I didn't not sleep for a full 24 hours.

    As usual I heard my mom waking me up 6 hours later, (not what you think folks, it was not cute), she was shouting telling me to get my lazy a** up so I can sleep at night. :P

    To be honest, I wasn't going to wake up until I saw this:nuts::

    P.S: the pic was recreated for showing purposes ;)

    4 of those missed calls were from my SA :love: ...Long story short, I was offered a RUBIS 32CM KELLY IN TOGO W GHW RETOURNE.

    As I always appreciate your opinions what do you think of the color and do you think it is a color that I will be able to carry it with different outfits? :thinking:

    Also I have never seen a Rubis in kelly, can someone help share pictures of the color if possible?

    Thank You!

    P.S: I have 48 hours to decide :-s:weird:

    Looking forward for your opinions
  2. #2 Sep 19, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2010
    I think you're going to need to see it in person to see how the color resonates with you, as everyone has different opinions about this color. I personally think Rubis is amazing in togo and would snap this bag up in a heartbeat.

    I don't know about your particular wardrobe, but I think there are very few things that wouldn't look great with this color ... same as any other red bag.
  3. GRAB it!! Rubis and gold is TDF.
    I don't have photos of Rubis but i have seen one IRL few days ago and it's really beautiful.
  4. I really like the color and I will try to manage to go tmrw to have a look but I still want opinion or experiences that other tpfers had with this color.

    silkstarh thnx for sharing dear ::smile::

  5. Ooooh you make me wanna sleep so i can just wake up to go get it..I am having a feeling that I would cancel all my appointments tmrw for this LoL:yahoo:
  6. The color is GORGEOUS.... My friend just got a togo Birkin in Rubis, the color is stunning on togo leather so good luck in your decision
  7. Amazing. All I had when I got my bachelor degree was an old car and an uncertain future! (But I caught up.)

    How long have you been collecting? So little time, so many reveals!

  8. A little over 3 years ... I actually had some things from the summer but didn't post them. I chose to post all at once :P And I was lucky my birthday was right after summer so more and more H yummies :yahoo:

    Well, I guess am getting a kelly along with an uncertain future:roflmfao:
  9. Rubis is the best RED they have ever made. Its red but not a harsh-a smidge of pink softens it. Its truly lovely!
  10. Rubis is Stunning! It Changes Color Indoors & Outdoors! You'll Love it. Get it before someone gets it! :graucho:

    Here's a Teaser for you...Add to Cart, Please! :graucho:

  11. Yep Yep , agree with Hermes Only..........
  12. I'm not a kelly chick myself but I think the rubis would be great in a kelly! --To give it a younger swag :smile:
  13. If it were me, I'd want to see the bag before committing to the purchase. I would absolutely go look at it first and if your heart sings when you see it, then get it!

    Rubis is a beautiful color but in person it might not be for you!
  14. You are absolutely right! I will have a look at it IRL. I wish there was an application for TPF on my berry (is there? :confused1:.) I would have shown you all the journey to get the bag or any other H purchases I make. That would have been nice.
  15. I also wish there was a TPF Berry app. It would make updating and commenting so much easier! And we'd be able to post immediate reveals!
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