I was lost, but I'm back!

  1. I own a few Gucci pieces. I've always loved their classic style. However, recently I seemed to have been lost. I know there is nothing wrong with owning pieces from other designers, but I have apparently jumped onto the band wagon. A week and a half ago, I purchased my first, second and third LV pieces in a week's time. I like to be different, so I purchased all Epi leather. I loved the Epi Alma; however, it was not a big enough bag for me. No offense to anyone, but IMO, LV is just overrated..... I returned my Epis and purchased my new 'Pelham' bag!!!! YAY!!!

  2. Glad you found your way back home. :smile: That's a HOT bag! CONGRATS.:yahoo: :yahoo:
  3. Welcome back LUV!!!!!!!
  4. I totally agree with you saying LV is overrated not to mention so many knock offs...welcome back! :yes:
  5. I do like LV but I love my GUCCI's! Welcome home! The Pelham is beautiful!
  6. I love both LV and Gucci, probably Gucci a little more becasue it has my initials all over it!:nuts: LOVE your new Gucci, enjoy! :flowers:
  8. I really do love gucci...I am an LV fan too, but gucci is just less copied to a certain extent. I really love my guccis!
  9. LOL I love your new bag! BEAUTIFUL!

    I am having the opposite problem as you!

    I am a huge LV lover (I only have 2 though) and for XMas I really want my fiancee to buy me either the large horsebit hobo in black fabric or the Abbey.

    I am struggling, though, with possible regretting going for the Gucci when I could have gotten another LV.

    However, I would like a little more diversity in my collection. I don't want to have just all LV monogram or all LV damier...ugh I am so confused!!! :smile:
  10. CONGRATS on the pelham!!! I just LOVE that style!!
  11. Veeeeeeeeeeery Beautiful ... Congrats ..

    is suede?
  12. welcome back!

  13. It's fabric and thank you! I love it!!!