I was looking for Coach purses on ebay

  1. And the listings were full, I mean completely full of bags being sold for $49.00, $64.00 and so on. Bunches and bunches of them. I'm so disgusted! There were pages and pages of these listings. I guess you all have seen this before, but sheesh!
  2. OMG i saw that too. All from the same seller and all terribly fake. :sad:
  3. i went through a few days ago and found well over 250 fakes from the same seller (different id's, but you knew it was still the same guy).
    that was the first time i've seen THAT many fakes on ebay. honestly, there just aren't that many for coach on ebay...
  4. I'm just plain scared of ebay. I know a lot of people here are better at IDing bags than I am, so they can have great success with it, but I just can't tell by pictures sometimes. I'd rather take my chances with the outlet if I won't pay full price for a bag. It just seems there are more fakes all the time.
  5. just be sure to have tPFers authenticate if you aren't sure, and do a lot of research. I love ebay, but am so careful of who I buy from - i have found some incredible buys. Just be really careful.
  6. Agreed. I never wanted to try EBay but after getting a few great referrals from fellow members here I found a glorious black optic shoulder tote...brand spankin' new! I paid about the same as full price with the shipping costs but it was a discontinued tote, tags still on, very reputable seller, non-smoking home, etc. I got lucky.