I was looking at the description of the epi alma...

  1. and it said "hand bag" while the Lockit said "hand or arm bag". Does anyone know if the handles are smaller on the Alma? Can you wear on your arm?

    Thanks - I didn't get to the boutique today at lunch. BUSY at work:cursing:
  2. The alma is def a handbag (or wear on the crook of your arm) it wont fit on the shoulder, the handles are too small. There is a strap you can get that attaches to the hw on the handles to make it a shoulder bag.
  3. Yes, the handles on the Alma are slightly smaller than the lockit.
  4. I do believe that the handles for the Lockit are a BIT bigger than the Alma's, but don't think they'll still fit or will be comfortable carrying on your shoulder. :s
  5. Thanks - I knew neither fit on shoulder, I just got the impression that the Alma couldn't even be carried in the crook of the arm. Good to know - and I must get in to try them on now!!
  6. only the lockit H can be a shoulder bag, unless you are tiny like a 10 yr old.
    both are handheld.
  7. I have the Alma in Damier and I always carry it on my arm. That way I still have my two hands free. HTH.
  8. Yup, I have chubby arms (hehe..) and I am able to carry it in the crook of my arm. I tried it with the strap when I bought it ages ago and I thought it looked rather odd as a shoulder bag, but I guess some like it.:shrugs: