i was looking at a Kooba today in Bloomies

  1. specifically the Lena in slate (my next one is going to be *something* - probably the Lena or Paige - in slate) and I was pretty close to buying it, and then I thought about the fact that in a few months, it'll probably be available at a sample sale, so i should just wait 2-3 months and see what happens.

    is this horrible of me? is it different than just waiting for a bag to go on sale?
  2. Hi Danilena
    I know how you feel....I have a khaki Paige on hold for me at Bloomingdales and I'm having second thoughts since I've learned that it's been around for a while. Afraid that if I buy it now and then see in somewhere for substantially less, it will make me feel bad. So that is part of the reason I'm also considering changing my mind and getting a Meredith in blonde--becuase it's newer and less likely to be discounted in the near future.
  3. I'd wait. The deals at the sample sale were amazing! They had Lena in black and Java....I loved the bag but it was HEAVY.

    If you don't have to have it now, than wait.
  4. That's what I'm thinking...I just bought a Kooba Sienna at the SS, and I have a few other bags, so I figure that I can wait another 2-3 months before I NEED it. In another 2-3 months they'll proabbly have a sample sale again and who knows? maybe it'll be tehre.